Vortex Strikefire Review

What do you think about when getting a sight? For most people, it is all about quality. What if there was a way to get quality and reasonable pricing at a go? Would you say yes to that? Well, these pros have attracted many people to purchase this sight. It is available in the market for $200 or less, which is quite an attractive price. The low price does not mean that you end up with a gadget that serves you in the short term. You end up with a compact sight in the end. It’s a win-win situation.

You can use this sight on a range of machines. From rifles to carbines to shotguns, there is a lot that you can use with this sight. It works for mid-range, but with some upgrades, you can move to higher-end sights.

Why this low price? Well, it comes down to a few limitations in its working. You cannot expect its performance to match that of higher-end optics. But for beginner and intermediate levels, the performance should suffice.

You will also love that it is easy to use, and the learning curve is a breeze. Furthermore, installing it is not an uphill task. It helps a lot that this sight is lightweight such that it does not feel too heavy. Some sights on the market are so heavy that they end up making the weapon heavier. That can make targeting harder than it should be. 

Can it get any better? The answer is yes, thanks to the night vision. That means that you can go hunting at night and target the animals when they least expect it. You can adjust this vision as you wish.

Why you can get it

  • Stability is essential when dealing with weapons. It ensures that you target objects with ease without losing focus all the while. That is something you can expect of this optic. It comes in a compact build and remains in place once mounted. In this position, it can hold zero for extended periods.
  • Ease of operation is another benefit that accrues from using this gadget. It comes with slip caps, which you can adjust with ease. Also, it is lightweight such that you do not end up handling too much bulk. On the plus side, it is durable and will serve you for a long time to come.
  • Additionally, it is waterproof and does not fog even when used in humid conditions. However, you cannot use it in water as it is not submersible. You thus have to be careful when you expose it to weather elements.
  • It has a wide array of brightness options, allowing you to adjust them as needed. With ten settings, you can easily find what works for a given target and use the same.
  • We have mentioned this before, but it deserves another mention. This sight is available at an affordable price, making it the best for people on a budget. If you have been itching to get an optic but got held back by pricing, this is it. And it allows you not to compromise on quality.


You cannot expect all the bells and whistles when investing in a budget sight. However, there aren’t too many drawbacks when it comes to this optic. The few available are things you can work around. For example, it has a low battery lifespan. Also, it is more of a mid-range optic. Thus, anyone who wants to use this optic at a large range frequently cannot use it. Other than that, this option is quite a dream to many hunters.

Parting Shot

This optic comes with an array of features, making it a versatile choice. If you wish to enjoy shooting with ease and precision, this would be a good choice. Once you mount it, you can cover a broad view. It helps to note that it comes with two color levels that work with night vision. 

For accurate shooting, you must mount the red dot based on the process outlined in the manual. Also, the firearm in use must be well-equipped for this to be a success. That way, you end up with a great fit that looks like it is worth more than you spent on it. After you set up the dot, the settings remain the same until you change them. That allows for continued accuracy and focus.


Are vortex red dots any good?

What kind of battery does the vortex Strikefire use?

It relies on a C2 battery whose life depends on the intensity used. For red or green dot at maximum brightness, the life is 300 hours. On minimum brightness, the life stands at 6,000 hours. For the bright red dot on maximum brightness, the life is 400 hours. But on low intensity, the battery can serve you for as many as 7,000 hours.

Which is better vortex venom or Viper?

Both these options come in compact builds and are light in weight. As such, they are suitable for anyone who does not want to carry a lot of weight. As for quality, Venom has more to offer. However, if you want to save money or want a lower mount, then Viper is the best for you.

Where is Vortex Strikefire made?

Vortex has its manufacturing headquarters in Japan, the Philippines, and China. The region of manufacture depends on the make of the sight. Red dots come from China. Those on the higher end regarding quality come from Japan.


Q: Should you get a Strikefire 2 for sale?

A: This sight has some flaws, mainly in its lenses. In general, it is an excellent mid-range optic with brilliant basics. Its price lies under two hundred dollars making it a budget choice.

Q: Which option wins between Strikefire 1 vs. 2?

A: It depends on what you would like to use the sight to do. For basics, you can make do with 1. If you want the updates, go with the second generation.

If you are after savings and a mid-range optic, then this can work for you.

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