VG-10 Steel – Good Only for Knives?

The important property of it is that it is stainless. So, let’s talk about what stainless steel is.

Stainless steel is considered not to go rusty easily, but still there is no 100 per cent guarantee that it may not suffer from rusting at all. Plus, stainless steel is a relatively young type of steels as it has been found and use for around one hundred years. As to the carbon steel, which is quite prone to rusting because of a high carbon content, has been used for around a thousand years by people or even longer.

For becoming inox the steel is alloyed with various elements, mainly that is chromium with the percentage content not less than 10 per cent from the whole steel mass. But when you keep your knife in environment that has got a low oxygen level, high content of salts or there are conditions with bad air circulating, get ready to see some rust on your knife or tool some time later. But with proper care and attention, you are going to see your knife in the best condition for many years. So, just take good care of it, keep it in a suitable environment and provided the quality of steel is nice, it will serve you for long.

VG-10 Chef Knife

So, enough history of steel for now. Let’s find out more about a world-famous VG-10 steel. It has been invented in Japan in Takefu, Japanese Fukui Prefecture by a small, but very well-known company Takefu Special Steel company. It has got the gold standard for its quality (in an abbreviation VG  ‘G’ means gold) and it was created specifically for chefs and cooks for kitchen use. Of course, it might be applied in the other spheres when cutting is needed, but it is really perfect for cutting food in the kitchens.

Really, this steel grade possesses outstanding qualities and its products have an expensive pricing, but depending on the area of usage, it may not be comfortable for you to use such knives and you will find out why soon. But if we mention corrosion resistance, it is almost perfect for this steel type and it can be seen from the following YouTube video.

VG-10 Kitchen Knives

Originally, the knives manufactured from VG-10 steel were created for chefs and kitchens, but with the course of time they came into use in hunting, sports, fighting and everyday use. So, now jack-knives, pocket and hunting knives are often made from this grade. Still, these cutting object are mainly applied in a kitchen area. So, there are several suggestions from a chef about how to use such a knife, which costs quite a sum of money:

  1. Though these knives are extremely shard, their edges are brittle and you shouldn’t try to cut a bone with the help of it or any other substance, which is very hard. Also, you need to take good care of this tool. Avoid putting it into a dishwasher.
  2. It is not good for chopping ribs or something like that. For chopping purposes, you had better obtain a cheap cutting tool. 
  3. When taking care of such a knife, clean it after using at once, otherwise you will have problems with stains and there will be a chance of its chipping. 
  4. You should use a grindstone for its sharpening, avoid using a steel sharpener for it as your expensive knife will get ruined soon. 
  5. Be careful when keeping these knives at home if you have got children. These cutting tools are amazing for a joy of cooking, but they are incredible sharp, so keep them away from children in a safe place. Little kids might take them and try to cut something not understanding how sharp they are and the accident may happen. 

VG-10 Pocket Knife 

Pocket knives and folding knives are often made from the famous VG-10 steel and are appreciated by many people, who are in need of the professional cutting tools. If you hesitate which knife to get for your everyday use, choose to buy an object made from VG-10, despite its expensive price it will serve you for a long time will give you a joy of comfort unlike any cheap cutting knife.

But this steel grade isn’t quite nice for a use in wildlife. When thinking about buying a bushcraft knife or machete, choose the other steel grade as VG-10 is a hard steel, but often quite brittle when doing some hard work. This steel material isn’t flexible and when trying to chop something hard, there might be trouble with the knife, plus this steel needs special sharpening. So, for machetes and bushcraft knives you should choose tools with a thinner and softer steel for comfy use in the survival conditions.

Sharpening VG-10 Steel

Sometimes people say this steel type isn’t very easy to sharpen. Just purchase a proper whetstone and enjoy sharpening your knife with ease. You had better not sharpen it with a metal sharpener as it might get worse. In general, a VG-10 steel product usually possesses a wonderful edge and holds an it for a very long time when being used with attention.

Comparing Steel Grades

When speaking about VG-10 steel vs S30V, it can be said that these steels are both of the premium quality, but maybe VG-10 is a little worse than S30V in toughness, but it has got a better rust resistance.

If we talk about VG-10 steel vs AUS8, VG-10 appears to be superior to AUs 8 grade steel as it holds an edge far better and it has got excellent rust resistance.

If we mention VG-10 steel vs 440C, VG-10 possesses a better edge holding, but sometimes 440C stays sharp for a longer time than VG-10. Both these alloys are tough, they are nice for cutting things but not for chopping.

So, choose an alloy tool to your liking and take good care of it!

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