TSS Warehouse Review

This type of shop is intended to help people find what do they want, as it’s a store that dedicated not to only one type of gun. Therefore, demand and customer base will be really huge for that store. In order to satisfy all the customers, this company has created its own system that will make all customers happy and will have no problems with the diversity of the products at the same time.

Creating such a successful business requires a lot of supplies to be able to satisfy every client, so there has to be arranged a remarkable logistic. Also, clients often need help, so there is a need to be a qualified staff for that purpose. If all those requests were met, then the business will be successful and fast-growing. Thankfully, this description completely fits the TSS Warehouse and here is why.

About TSS Warehouse

As it comes from the title, this is not a regular store that has real offices all over the U.S., where you can come and find what you want. This company runs warehouses instead of offices and all you need to do is to visit their website, look through the list of products and give a call to the manager. It is that simple. Thankfully we live in the times where you don’t even need to go out of your house to make a purchase, a smartphone is everything you need.

Merely, TSS Warehouse is not an independent company. It was owned and operated by the team behind Tooele Shooting Supply, which runs it as a direct owner. To arrange an efficient work, both of these companies are came up with a structure of the online store, but instead selling goods directly from it, they provide a connection between user and warehouses all over the U.S. To operate without minimum amount of flaws, they also elaborated the logistics so well that you won’t experience any complications with the shipping, because locations of their warehouses are allowed doing so. As a result, TSS Warehouse came up with their system that can provide you with any gun at your choice in the range of 2 (for handguns) up to 5 (long guns) days.

What do they Offer?

As TSS Warehouse claims, their expertise not in manufacturing guns, but to provide professional help for all customers. In order to correspond to the reputation of their owners, the staff is highly qualified for doing their job and can be considered true experts in that area. In addition to already mentioned advantages, the team of TSS Warehouse consists not only of gun masters but also has professional marketers and businessmen, so they know a way around their job. The work of such a team is reflected in the popularity of this company and since it is fast-growing, they’ve done a very good job.

However, from business let’s get to the product themselves. As was said, this website was designed to provide a link between the user and the warehouse, where his weapon of choice located. Therefore, in order to better organize the work, they have 4 main sections.

  1. Pistols. After going to that product list, you can see how many manufacturers are there, which means that you can pick whatever pistol you want. The guns themselves divided into subcategories. You can search for pistol by firearm type, manufacturer, or caliber. Arranging these filters to your own taste you can pick the gun that will fit your needs. Also, there is always an opportunity to contact the manager of this website to request help with your process of choosing, in case if you’re new in this or hesitate what to pick.
  2. Revolvers. This section dedicated to the other version of such familiar pistols. Here is also a choice of 3 filters mentioned above, so you can pick whatever you pursuing and sort them out on the page by rating to see which ones are the most popular.
  3. Bolt-action rifles. This gun is a whole special category, that was dedicated to hunters. Traditionally, there are also 3 adjustable filters, so you will be able to go get a trophy from hunting with your favorite weapon. Over 70 pages of these guns provide you with an outstanding choice.
  4. Semi-auto rifles. Almost favorite pick among strike-ball players and one of the most popular types of weapons all over the globe. In addition, to adjust your search to your needs, there is also a variety of different types of gun spread along over 30 pages of choice.


To conclude it will be fair to say that this store really knows how to satisfy its customers. Professional help from the staff will always be there for you if needed. After getting their service, you’ll understand that the popularity of this company is really deserved.

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