Truglo Scope

If you know anything about Truglo scopes, you know they are some of the best options you can find on the market. Not only are they durable, but they also have amazing features. Moreover, they are not hard on the pocket, and accessing them is thus easy. You will also love that they are resistant to impacts and can work in moist environments. And their accuracy is something that most hunters wish to enjoy while out in the wild. These scopes seem to have everything going for them. And it is thus not a surprise that you would consider getting one to use with your rifles. Let us look at some of the options you should consider:

TRUGLO 4X32 Camo Scope

This scope is known for its incredible field of view, durability, fantastic finish, and excellent reticle. The downside to using it lies in the lack of illumination. You may also find that the rings will not fit the crossbow scope mounts you use. Other than that, this scope should work great.


First off, this scope is available at a price that is attractive to those who want to save on money when getting a scope. You may have spent a ton of cash on scopes before and need to cut back without compromising on quality. Where this is the case, this scope can work for you. But the price is not the only thing that you will love.

It comes with a 32 mm objective lens and has four inches of eye relief coupled with a one-inch tube diameter. You can thus see the target with ease while ensuring you are safe from recoil. The scope is eight inches long and has a sturdy aluminum build, making it easy to use. In the package, you will find rings for the crossbow, measuring one inch each.

This scope has a magnification of 4* such that you can use it for mid-range shooting, for both still and moving targets. This level is great because the image clarity is high, so that you can adjust for any target movements. You will love that the optics are fully coated, thus making them fog and waterproof. Therefore, if you wish to use the scope in wet environments, you can do so while enjoying accuracy in your shots. And all this for a reasonable price!

There is no illumination on this scope, which makes using it in low light conditions quite tricky. However, it gathers light quite well, and you can use it in dawn and dusk conditions with ease. The field of view is nothing to frown upon as it measures up to 24’ at 100 yards. For a 32 mm scope, that is quite amazing, and you can track targets out to 100 yards with ease.

The package comes with rings that match the camo of the scope. This way, it does not take much work to assemble the scope and start working. Some people have stated that the rings do not fit their mounts. However, in most cases, this is not a problem. You can have the setup ready in five or less minutes, depending on your level.

Given the price of this scope, the features are way more than you would expect. It just goes to show how truly amazing Truglo products are.

Are Truglo red dots any good?

In your quest for an affordable scope, you are sure to come across the red dots line under Truglo. These are not only affordable, but they are also accurate. Plus, they come at affordable prices, setting you back even less than $100 in some cases.

Take an example of TruBrite, which costs about $70. This scope has numerous reticle options, easy mounting, and can hold zero well. On top of all that, it is affordable. Its downsides include a lack of crisp in the reticle coupled with limited battery life. Also, you may deal with parallax at some point.

The Dual-Color is another option in this line that costs as little as $50 and features many reticle options. It has a lovely design and a fantastic FOV, though it has some downsides. They include limited battery life and a lack of crispness in the reticle.

The Traditional 30 mm is another good option that should cost you $50 or thereabout. It offers up to six months of battery life and has incredible recoil. It also has some cons such that it uses only the 5 MOA red dot and has low-quality lens caps.

And then there is the GOBBLE-STOPPER, which can handle a 12 gauge shotgun and has impressive battery life. You can use this for activities such as hunting turkeys. You might face some parallax errors on the downside, and you cannot use it in damp conditions.

The 2x42mm can hold zero very well and comes at an affordable price. You will encounter some parallax errors, which are common when working with red dots in this price range. Also, the sun works against this reticle on some days.

The TRU-TEC has a battery life of up to three years and comes with motion sensors and an auto-sleep mode. It holds zero well and lasts for years on end while offering clean and crisp dots. Note that it comes at a heftier price than most other Truglo products. Also, it does not provide another reticle option.


Thus, to answer your question, red dots are the way to go if you wish to save some money and enjoy accuracy. Their suitability will depend on your choice.

Where is the battery on a Truglo red dot scope?

The housing lies on the top of the eyeball and is in line with the elevation turret. The battery life depends on the scope in question.

How does Truglo red dot work?

Using this scope is very easy. It uses a rotary knob to adjust the brightness. Even people who have not used a red dot in the past can navigate this setting with ease. It also has adjustments for windage and elevation at a rate of one inch at 100 yards per click.

Buying a Truglo scope will work in your favor if you want simplicity, affordability, and durability.

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