Truglo Red Dot Review

Red dots have become popular among hunters as well as other people who love accuracy in their shots. And given advancements in making these gadgets, they are now affordable. Isn’t that great news? That means that you can get a red dot without digging into your savings. While there are many expensive options out there, you do not have to forego these gadgets owing to a budget.

And all that is thanks to Truglo, one of the companies at the helm of making affordable red dots.

Why should you consider their products?

  • For one, they work for anyone who wants an affordable gadget.
  • Secondly, if you do not want to use a high power rifle, these can work.

Thus, you end up with a suitable option. Using them often does not undermine their power or durability. As long as you use the sights in this line in their right capacity, they will not disappoint you.

Are Truglo red dots any good?

Many people ask this question, owing to the affordability of these sights. There seems to be a notion widely accepted in the market. People associate high prices with good quality. And while some cheap sights are not worth the money, that is not the case with Truglo.

These sights have numerous advantages.

  • For one, they are affordable. That means they work for anyone who may be on a tight budget.
  • Another way of looking at this affordability lies in their use. You see, some people are not sure if using a red dot can work for them. This option can come in handy if you want to try the gadget before investing in an expensive one. You may find that red dots are not for you and thus save a lot of money.

The versatility of these sights also makes them suitable for use. You can use them with a variety of guns, including rimfire rifles and airsoft guns, among others. Moving from one gun to the other should not be a problem for you.

And then there is the issue of control. Most people want a sight they can master and use with ease. And that is what you get with these red dots. Regardless of your shooter level, you can access the controls with ease. You thus spend less time fumbling with the controls and have an easier time making the shot.

Are cheap red dot sights any good?


For the most part, these sights will work in your favor. However, they do have some downsides, which you should consider before getting any of the options. While they have a solid build, the overall construction is wanting. It would thus be best that you handle them with care to ensure they serve you for long.

Also, the base is for weaver rails, which differs from the Picatinny rail styles that are standard on most guns. This variation might bring about some problems when using present-day guns. Also, you should note that these sights will not work well when used on centerfire rifles continuously. So, if these are the guns of choice, you should think about their suitability.

Should you get one?

When getting a red dot, you should think about how you will use it. People who want to use these sights for airsoft guns, air rifles, and the like will not have a problem.

These sights are great for use in fun and training sessions. But anyone looking for a sight that works as a main optic on a shotgun or machine of this caliber should look elsewhere. In this case, the sight could fail you when you needed it the most. You have to remember that this is a budget sight and will thus deliver as much. Are you okay with that?


Sights that fall into the Truglo red dot line come in basic forms. Given their price ranges, that is what you would expect. Their build is lightweight such that they do not weigh down the gun. That is a good thing because added weight can affect the accuracy of your shots. Towards the top and side of the sights, there are adjustment options for windage and elevation. As long as you master the controls, making these adjustments should be easy.

Regarding adjustments, you can control the brightness settings using a large knob at the top of the sight. The picture appears with average clarity. Note that the brighter the settings are, the higher the chances the dot could appear distorted. You are thus better off working with lower light levels. There is a coating on the glass, and this works in protecting against glare. But it does little to help with the sight picture.

As mentioned earlier, the integrated mount works for Weaver-style rails. There is a downside to these rails as they are not as common as the Picatinny rails on most modern guns.


It comes with a 5 MOA dot, which you can see with ease, though distortion is possible at high brightness settings. Working with low settings allows you to have more clarity. The dots feature a weaver style mount and simple controls. You should note that the integrated mount makes zeroing easy.

How does Truglo red dot work?

Using this sight is quite an easy task. It comes with a rotary knob that works in adjusting the brightness settings. There are also adjustments for windage and elevation, which work at a rate of one inch at 100 yards per click.

Which is better: red dot or holographic sight?


Think about it like this. Red dots focus the dot on your eyeball such that the focal distance is at the sight. Holographic sights, on the other hand, project the hologram in front of the sight. With red dots, your eyes can only focus on one thing at a time. Thus, they have to choose between focusing on the target or the red dot, which can slow you down. Holographic sights are much better, but these come at a hefty price.


Red dots are excellent for anyone looking for affordable sights. They work for beginners and pros alike and work with air rifles and rimfire rifles as well.

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