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Nowadays, there is one simple way to do so. If we’re talking about firearms, then we should keep in mind that it’s a very big industry and becoming an expert in a whole thing is equally hard as become a scientist, who knows all the disciplines.
Therefore, true experts here are those companies, which have expertise in something narrow. Spinta Precision is exactly that company. They have an interesting policy and approach to the business, with its features.

About the Company

On their website, there is a statement that marked as the mission. The mission is to provide the best quality for an affordable price. Their expertise is to provide customers with good products for AR rifles.

However, they wanted to add a special feature to the business and came up with a well-elaborated logistics system. As a result, there is an opportunity to buy a product from their store and get it delivered within the next 24 hours.

Sounds very interesting, considering that today you need to keep in mind many factors, which can slow down a process of delivery. However, Spenta Precision knows their way around logistics and offer a quick shipment for the same price as a regular one would be.

In case if you want to get professional help, there always available their phone, which you can see on the website in footer or on the page “About Us”.

Also, this company runs their business according to the modern trends. Spinta Precision have official accounts on Instagram and Facebook. There you can find more information about this company, see what do they offer right now and check the reviews from other customers.

What do they offer?

The main expertise of this company is AR Rifles, but it doesn’t mean that Spinta Precision has goods only for this model. However, the main selling product here is barrels. This company has lots of types of barrels to offer, which are divided into categories for comfortable search.

  • 223 Wylde Barrels. In this section, you can find barrels, which are made of different materials and have different properties. Mainly, there are stainless steel and chrome-moly of different markings. However, this is not all of the choices and there are some more options, but those two are the most popular.
  • 300 AAC Blackout Barrels. Here are barrels, which can be applied to 300 AAC Blackout type of ammo. 300 BLK were created by American institutions Advanced Armament Corporation to be used in M4 rifles. Later, this type of ammo was licensed by SAAMI. Therefore, here you can find a barrel for this specific ammo.
  • 308 Win 7.62×51. A barrel, specifically designed for the .308 Winchester ammo, which was created in 1952. Two years later, on the base of it was created 7.62mm NATO ammo. This type also has certifications from SAAMI and available for purchase.
  • 5.56 NATO barrels. This type of barrel designed specifically for 5.56 x 45 ammo, which is some sort of evolution of the previously described type of ammo. It also called .223 Remington and have its analogs of Russian and Chinese manufacture, but they have different features.
  • 6.5 Grendel/264 LBC. These two types of ammo unofficially called clones of each other. Anyway, 6.5 Grendel was designed specifically for use in the AR-15 rifles and have become popular even until now. Therefore, in this section, you can find a barrel for your needs that supports this type of ammo.
  • 7.62 x 39 Barrels. Having not so big choice as in previous categories, this one provides an outstanding quality for such a monstrous caliber as 7.62 mm. Designed at the USSR, it was applied in AK rifles and have a very good penetrating ability. Nowadays, you can allow using this ammo thanks to special barrels.
  • 9 mm. This is a standard caliber, used in pistols. It was designed in 1902 for Borchardt-Luger pistol, which was created a year after that and using until now in Glock pistols. So, in this section, you also can buy high-quality barrels for this type of ammo.

These are the main categories for Spinta Precision. However, this company also provides different parts for weapons, such as Glock parts, other parts, and accessories, upper receivers. In addition, there is a category called SALE, where you can always find parts that have a discount and buy them.


Looks like Spenta Precision is a true expert in providing a narrow, but high-quality barrels for different types of ammo. The title of this company reflects its main purpose – to provide the best accuracy with the best quality of the product. Nice approach for business and it totally pays off.

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