Specialized Armament

It is a built-up pioneer in law authorization, government and private deals, concentrating chiefly on Colt programmed weapons, parts, and preparing. Since 1990 they have worked with Colt Defense and many different organizations to give various custom guns, segments, and embellishments. Today the company has the biggest and most far-reaching stock of different Colt AR-15 extra parts and out-of-creation things in the United States.

Other than building independently altered Colt weapons for several Law Enforcement Agencies the nation over and overhauling more seasoned Colt rifles and carbines for some, others, Specialized Armament has likewise taken a shot at guns for private gatherers, target shooters, security firms, the film business, preparing gatherings, world-class military units, and others. From extraordinary ventures to modifying and reestablishing great military weapons utilized far and wide, they are continually endeavoring to give propelled gun information and very good quality items that are novel in our industry.

Specialized armament reliability package

This Package is a restrictive arrangement of alterations built and created by Specialized Armament for the select-fire Colt M4 carbine. A great many weapons using this Reliability Package have been tried worldwide from 1995 to present times.

The mods include:
  • A few Barrel Assy Modifications
  • Various Gas framework Modifications
  • Two Bolt bunch Modifications
  • Overhauled Buffer Assembly
  • Mallet Assembly and different parts

Every change is little all alone, yet when gathered, these overhauls will upgrade the dependability and improve the general capacity of your reality class, battle demonstrated Colt carbine. No further Technical Data will be discharged.

SA has additionally evolved RP mods for other direct-gas Colt/Military AR-15’s:
  • M16 – M16A4 Rifles
  • Commandos, MK18’s, and SP’s (Special Purpose section weapons)
  • Colt 6940 Series Carbines
  • Colt AR-15A4 Rifles

When finished, these weapons are for all intents and purposes “projectile evidence.” A breakdown on an RP weapon can, as a rule, be followed to low-quality ammo or a magazine disappointment.

Specialized armament promo code

This custom shop for Colt weapons not only offers high-quality weapons for reasonable prices, but you can also snap up a promo code. The promotion code usually gives you up to 10% discount.

Specialized armament armorer course

These significant level courses are far not the same as some other study hall preparing offered in the guns business. Without producer backing or deals predisposition, you will analyze intently the AR-15 at its center, including its magazines, ammo, and embellishments. There is some schoolwork and there are both composed and hands-on angles to all the class tests, which individuals do periodically fizzle. This is genuine military-grade preparing. Every individual will acquire the certificate(s) to a base standard and get familiar with a lot. To cite some antiquated, obscure researcher: Every day is a school day.

The ADV Course is a difficult square of material that constructs legitimately onto the structure and plan of the M16 Armorer Course. This profoundly organized, weapons-grade instructional exercise comprises of material initially produced for use at the JFK Special Warfare Center (Ft. Bragg, NC), which is continually refreshed and refined every year.

You will increase a far more extensive understanding of AR-15 sort guns, ammo, parts, materials, designing, preparing, and the guns business. The apparatuses we work with every day, including sound (silencers).

Specialized Armament Red Spring

This novel and profoundly financially savvy spring is made solely by Specialized Armament. As the foundation of any US “30 Rd” M16 magazine, the Red Spring will beat and outlive numerous more up to date “chrome-silicon” springs costing 75%-100% more. The Red Spring was planned, built and fabricated by 3 distinct organizations: Specialized Armament, a little steelmaker, and a spring organization ordinarily engaged with a car and hustling items. The final product is an awesome spring that we are for the most part pleased with, being utilized the world over.

Despite the prevalent misconception, the red surface covering is a mechanical color utilized for distinguishing proof purposes just—It is certifiably not a rust inhibitor; it isn’t painted; it has no otherworldly properties; it will wear off in the long run or chip away after some time. The ID shading is just present to help maintain a strategic distance from disarray with different springs. The Red Spring was designed with a working limit of 28 Rds and it needs the additional room to work effectively with a higher burden rating. (Truly, the other 2 rds can be constrained into the mag without harm—take them out) It’s everything about dependability.

XM177e2 parts

Provided on this rifle is a two-position receiver extension, as well as a polymer newly produced type 2 CAR stock. The rifle featured has the teardrop forward assist, as well as A1-style magazine boss. The barrel is 12.2 inches with a pinned-on grenade launcher ring flash suppressor. The standard carbine handguards are also newly produced. All models have an MSRP of $1,299.99.

Colt crush washer

At Specialized Armament you can also find crush washers. A Crush washer is a washer made from a softer material and is meant to be deformed when installed. As a bolt tightens against it the washer fills in the shape around the bolt forming a liquid-tight seal. This item costs as much as $4 there.

Colt barrel nut assembly

Colt barrel nut assembly gives you the ability to install drop-in handguards. SA barrel nut and delta ring assembly offer uncompromising quality and unbeatable value. It is necessary for installing abarrelonto an upper receiver and retaining a drop-in style handguard.

XM177e2 barrel assembly

At SA you can also browse a huge array of complete upper receivers and custom barrel assemblies below, including name-brand pieces. A complete barrel assembly is exactly what a tired out AR-15 needs and are also great for re-configuring your AR-15. All parts for a complete re-barrel are included. These assemblies do not include receivers and are not assembled.

It’s not often to meet on market a brand that runs for almost 3 decades. Such companies have a very good reputation and a huge customer base. This statement is also related to a brand mentioned before. What makes it so special and how it runs the business so successful? Usually, such businesses are total merit of enthusiasm and loyalty to the job from people who run this from the very beginning and gave it everything they had to make this company work.

About the Brand

As stated on their website, Specialized Armament exits since 1990. It’s a pretty big amount of time from that time to nowadays, which indicates how qualified owners are that could handle the business during the economic crisis, stood the competition on market for all these years and run it until now. It’s all thanks to the quality, which always was their signature feature. A proof of this can be found on their official website, where you can see testimonials from the audience. As they state – quality never quits!

However, the policy of this company is not that simple. They openly claim that their store is not for walk-in sales. Maybe such an approach granted them a good reputation and was the key feature that saved this company from failure one moment. Nevertheless, this company likes its audience and everybody is welcome to visit the warehouse located in Texas. This is not usual for any institution to let people physically attend a place where all goods come from. However, if you’re not that type of person who wants to do this, their website is nicely designed to provide you with all the needed information, so you can feel free to receive help from professional staff anytime.

What do they Offer?

Among all the good features Specialized Armament provides, there are tons of sections and they mostly dedicated to the AR-15 rifle. There you can find anything you want to make your weapon unique, customize it to your own taste and get the perfect gun for yourself.

The list of all accessories in that store is very long, but their products there are not only rifles and accessories. Here are the main categories of what do this company provides.

  • AR-15 9mm SMG & Carabine. It’s not a traditional rifle in the understanding of the audience that consists of professional weapon users. This type of gun is a sort of modification of the most commonly used version of this rifle. Here you can find everything you need to build such a gun from scratch and always feel free to come back for accessories.
  • Books, manuals & DVD. To correspond to the status of a great weapon dealer, Specialized Armament has everything its customers need if the weapons will not be enough. Among these products, there are manuals to different versions of AR-15, Colt AR-15 (by different years of release), military movies and tutorials in video format. All this stuff you can buy from this company if you want to get acquainted with this industry as close as you can.
  • Shirts. The list of endless products from this company is also contained with the merchandise. This is not a new trend when many brands have their audiences of fans or people who like the symbol company carries. Therefore, Specialized Armament decided not to stay aside from this trend and also has a section where you can find clothes with the symbol of their company.

Armorer Courses

Separate attention should be given to the section of Armorer courses. Specialized Armament cares about its audience and supports the idea of educating people in such a sophisticated and complex industry like the military. In order to provide the best quality of the courses, this company proudly states that classes are hosted by Ken Elmore, a true professional of the firearms industry. However, you must be warned that these are not regular classes that can be completed in a self-paced manner. This course developed especially for those people, who want to get to know AR-15 at its core, understand every single part of it and become a true master of weapon handling. During the classes, you will be provided with all the required inventory and spare parts (just in case). As a result, this course will give you an outstanding introduction into the firearms industry, after which you can go on and learn more about it with a nice base of knowledge.


Not many companies can provide a full specter of services to their customers in order to make them more understanding and educated. Specialized Armament is one of those companies that care about clients and they return this devotion back by supporting it for almost 30 years.

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