SKD Tactical

Among all companies working in the firearms industry, there are not so many that would start their business before the 2000s and last until now. It’s a very nice approach and it works very well. However, it’s impossible to gain and hold your audience just by approach, it also requires high-quality products to offer. Here SKD Tactical also is a leader, because they provide only the best things on the market and always reminds about it.

About the Company

SKD Tactical was founded in 1999 and they already had a strategy ready to conquer the market. “Offer only the best things and you will have the best customers” was a motto and it’s so up to now. According to this company’s website description, its main purpose is to give its customers only the best treatment. Having such a services approach and only high-quality products in stock, granted SKD Tactical to become one of the most popular firearms brands in the world.

As they claim, this company is not about “humble beginnings”, so they promoting their stuff as “worth to try” instead. They care for customers a lot and willing to show it in every possible way. Therefore, SKD Tactical came up with the system if providing unapologetic service to the clients. In order to satisfy the needs of everyone, they happy to provide professional consultations in case of necessity, help to pick gears for every unique case, and do it that way so customers would be happy to come back.

SDK Tactical devoted to their customers and all their efforts concentrated at providing the best services. They don’t worry about products, as the quality of ones ensured by the pick of best manufacturers from all over the globe.

What do they Offer?

When it comes to the choice, the variety of products here is outstanding and all of them unique and high-quality. Therefore, SKD Tactical divided the website into categories in order to provide an easier picking process. The main product categories are the following.

  • Hard gear. This category stands for everything related to guns and their customization. Here you can find any accessories that will make your gun’s performance better. For instance, here you are able to find AR-15 or M4 gear, combat optics, tactical lights, and everything else that will help you to adjust a weapon to your needs.
  • Soft gear. As contrary to the hard gear, this one intended to protect the user. This category totally devoted to the body armor and their accessories. Such products were designed to provide protection and functionality with low damage to comfort, so they also provide customization opportunities. Therefore, here you can assemble your perfect set of soft gear, which will suit you the best.
  • Apparel. This category is like a little brother of the previous one. Merely, is some sort of a robe designed specifically for work, in this case – within the security and military terms. There are belts, clothing, eye protection, footwear, etc. which are intended to provide protection for the user.

Merely, these categories are the main ones. They all also divided into sub-categories, which make your navigation simpler. As a pleasant bonus, there are sales and the ability to perform a search by brands, if you prefer some particular gears from your favorite manufacturer. Also, SKD Tactical likes to be in trend, so they provide new products as well. Once something new is available from the manufacturer, this company instantly makes this product available for customers.

SKD Exclusives

It’s a whole separate category for products from SKD Tactical. As it comes from the title, here you can products manufactured by SKD Tactical themselves or customized/hogged to this company. Everything here is unique and couldn’t be found anywhere else. Here you can find such things as Aimpoint riser, special T-shirts, carriers, posters, clothing, and many other things that can be purchased exclusively here, at SKD Tactical website. A combination of the fresh products on the market and something exclusive from SKD Tactical allows assembling the unique set for yourself with an extremely low chance that someone else will have the same one.


To conclude, it’s worth to say that SKD Tactical acts like a professional in the firearms industry. They provide full specter services along with the wide choice of products for any purpose and taste. Additional attention deserves their strategy of slightly aggressive marketing slogans, which were created not just for reading them and forgetting the next minute but to make the reader smile and remember it. As SKD Tactical says: “Keep it minty!”.

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