Rangefinder Scope

Things have changed in the tactical and firearms community. And with this change has come the rangefinder scope, which is more of a two-in-one gadget. While it may be one of the best inventions ever to hit the market, there is a catch to it. And that lies in the selection you make from the beginning. You have to find a model that works for you. The only way to do this is to consider aspects such as style and size of the scope, alongside build and other features. It is a lot of groundwork at the start, but it pays off in the end.

How does the Burris Eliminator work?

Take the 3-12x44mm as an example as we explore rangefinder scopes. This gadget falls under the Eliminator III version. However, it has some unique features that set it apart from other scopes in this line. It has a small build, is sleek, and is light in weight. Its magnification levels run from three to twelve. This variation allows you to work with both still and moving targets in short and mid ranges. Its ease of use makes it attractive to users of all levels. Plus, it allows you to work with long ranges if you wish while maintaining accuracy.

Using this gadget is quite easy. All you do is to point at the target and click on the range button reading. You can then get the estimated distance as well as the holdover needed to make a hit using the illuminated dot. Once you align the dot with the target and make your shot, you are good. Even beginners can have an easy time hunting with this scope that pretty much does all the work.

You will also love that it is accurate even when working in long ranges. It provides a drop to 1200 on reflective targets and 750 yards on non-reflective targets. It is thus suitable for all levels, owing to its versatility and ease of use.

Durability is another selling aspect when it comes to this high-quality scope. You will love that you can use it in damp conditions without it breaking down. However, there is a downside to this durability in that the gadget is heavy and bulky. That makes lugging it during operations quite a hard task.

Other than its heavy and bulky build, this scope is a winner. It has a durable build, features an X96 reticle, and has high laser range capabilities. And on top of this, using it is pretty simple.


Where is Burris Eliminator made?

Most of the production and assembly processes take place in the Philippines. However, some assembly work goes on in the USA. This company is quite trusted when it comes to making scopes. It is thus not a surprise that its products appeal to masses across the globe. Let us take an example of the 4-16x50mm.

This scope makes it easy for you to hit targets even at long distances, thanks to its auto-point feature. You can use this to get an estimate of the distance as well as the holdover you need to make the shot. Thanks to this simplicity, it becomes easy for beginners to make shots they otherwise would not have achieved. The technology in place works as an aid in improving your accuracy. Thus, even when you have limited shooting skills, you still look like a pro. It also helps that using this scope makes you better at shooting at long ranges over time. You can move on to more complicated scopes when you feel ready.

It has a ranging capability of 1200 yards when it comes to reflective targets. And it can work with up to 750 yards when working with non-reflective targets. Its magnification runs from four to sixteen, and it works with a 50 mm objective lens. You can thus work on targeting still and moving objects in short, mid, and long ranges with ease.

Durability in this scope is a given, thanks to its sturdy construction, which features superior materials. You can count on this scope to not only withstand shock but also recoil in varying environments.

As is the case with the previous scope, this is also heavy and bulky, making it hard to handle. With a length of sixteen inches, you have a lot of work cut out for you. But when you think of the upsides, this heaviness does not seem like that much of a deal-breaker. Not only is this scope durable, but it also features an X96 reticle and auto-point options. Additionally, it has high range capabilities.


What is the purpose of a rangefinder?

With all this talk about this scope, you may wonder what makes it so unique. Well, this scope combines the rangefinder and the scope, such that you get a two-in-one deal. With a rangefinder, you can estimate how much distance lies between you and the target. As such, you can make the adjustments necessary in hitting the target. The scope works in magnifying the target to make it easier to view it. When you combine these features, you can get more precise shots. Plus, there is convenience in having everything in one piece.

How do rangefinder scopes work?

The working mechanism of these devices is pretty simple. It means that you have a rangefinder reticle in the scope such that you can estimate the size and distance of the target.


Having this scope is not only convenient, but it also improves the accuracy of your shots. While it may be bulky, everything else seems to work in your favor.

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