How Long does Zippo Last?

Sounds fantastic, but it was a cartoon’s allegory to say that this brand creates really high-quality zippers. These products are in the category of the most expensive ones and very often serve as a gift to those who want to make a sophisticated and fancy gesture to a very significant person.

How Often do you Have to Recharge Zippo?

With active daily use of the product, its charge is enough for 2-3 hundreds of ignitions. Fuel consumption is also related to how much you leave the fire to burn each time you ignite it. In the condition that the lighter is refueled with high-quality fuel, it lasts for 1-2 weeks in the case of gasoline models and for 3-4 days in the case of gas analogs. This is the average data if you take 1-1.5 packs of cigarettes per day as a starting point. If fuel wastes faster, there are several options:

  • you do not have a genuine Zippo;
  • you use low-quality gas or gasoline;
  • it’s time to inspect your accessory.

Gas and gasoline of unknown origin and composition may be wasted even in 1-2 days.

Why are they Special?

The wick in the original lighters burns out for years and you may even not think about replacing it at least for a few years. There is asbestos (no longer manufactured, but available for purchase on the Internet, both individually and inset old lighters), cotton and fiberglass wicks. Regardless of composition, it’s a very durable component. After a few months, you will notice that the tip of the wick has fluffed and copper wire became visible. This can affect the ignition in a bad way.

The fuel for the lighter is not gasoline itself, but its vapor. Now Zippo is filled with specially refined gasoline. Under various conditions it was aviation, automobile, and even whiskey gasoline. These stories can be heard quite often. Indeed, the use of motor gasoline does not impair the performance and reliability of the lighter, but it increases the amount of soot during the burning process. However, gasoline must be refined, and not contain oils (which clog the pores of the wick), nor water, nor additives that often used to clean the car engine.

Another signature part in Zippo is their flints. In addition to brand ones, there can be also Ronson flints. They completely replace each other. In some cases, flints from used disposable lighters also can be used. But they are softer than original ones and have the ability to clog in the threads of the wheel. In addition, flint must be changed immediately if it has worn off. The friction of the wheel against the brass flint piston leads to its rapid destruction. It is also necessary to clean the wheel once every 2-3 years with a metal brush from the particles left from previous ignitions.

How Can I Repair the Wick Problem?

Sometimes the wick in Zippo wears off and the zipper starts to stumble. To eliminate the defect, it is enough to use a pair of tweezers to pull out the wick by a centimeter without dismantling the insert of the lighter and cut it off at the top. If the wick sticks out of the casing, this will lead to increased fuel waste, a higher flame level (which is unsafe for smokers) and to problems with ignition. Nevertheless, the need to replace the filter is overdue, it is necessary to lay the wick in the insert with a “snake”, trying to make it come into contact with all pieces. Now often in new lighters, especially for the European market, a shortened wick is used. This does not affect the quality of the lighter, but if you wish, you can replace it immediately. Maybe this will extend the time of using one refueling for a day or two.


In general, the term of service of Zippo depends on the intensity of its usage, following the recommendations of the manufacturer and respect for its accessory. However, always remember, that even the most high-quality products can go bad if use them badly and inappropriate way. Use this product carefully and it will serve you well for several years or even a decade. It’s worth noticing that Zippo provides a lifetime warranty for their products and this makes users feel confident in what do they buy. Having such an accessory in your pocket will mark our that you are a happy owner of the premium product.

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