Fatboy Tactical

About the Company

Originally located at Bixby Oklahoma, this company was created not only with the purpose but also for a reason. When Tulsa area needed AR parts for their use, this company began existing. Over some time of operating as a successful company, owners of Fatboy Tactical started to attend different gun shows and at that moment people from out of town was highly interested in products of this company. This way the website was created and now it’s one of the most famous weapon dealers in the U.S., which delivers their products to all 50 states. Popularity was gained pretty quick and the base of happy customers was some sort of a living advertisement that provided such attention to the company. As a result, nowadays they have fans all over the world, not only in the USA and all those people know what this company stands for, which motto supports, and what civil position it has.

Their Products

As Fatboy Tactical was originally created to supply Tulsa with the AR parts and AR rifles themselves, their variety of products dedicated completely to fulfill that purpose. Among the categories of products, there are not only parts for AR rifles, but also a pretty big choice of accessories from other brands and even special tactical clothes. All these were designed to make user experience more comfortable, so the customer would be provided with everything he needs to make his performance better.
The total amount of categories of the products is over 65 and they keep updating this diversity by adding more and more accommodations, so everyone who needs a gun will be able to build his own rifle that will have no analogs. As all the parts have cross-reference and can be replaced by similar ones (but from another manufacturer) they practically have no visible differences that would somehow affect the performance of a gun or its ergonomics. If you want to have a precision rifle, that will be enough to shoot once to hit the target – you can choose from tons of scopes and gunstocks. Or if you want to have a high fire rate and nothing else matters for you – you have a choice of barrels that will do this job perfectly.
Ergonomics is one of the most valuable characteristics for Fatboy Tactical, so they have a very nice choice of clothes for everyone. All of them are tactical, which means they made of their own material, have special properties (such as solving sweat problems) and created to be used even in severe weather conditions.
All their products were created to help a customer build his own gun from scratch. Also, this company loves their fans, as well as fans, love them. Therefore, Fatboy Tactical has special offers for these people who want to have not only a gun and a shirt with the signature of this company but much more merchandise. They cared about a chance that you can be in a very different environment, so they have special equipment, such as caps, tumblers, T-shirts and many more. In addition, they have gift certificates for $25, $40, and $50, so you will be able to gift it to your friends by mindset and draw more audience to their company.

The Motto of the Company

Fatboy tactical is a very patriotic company that cares for its customers, which are mostly American citizen. Driven by the law and love to the nation, their motto is stated on their website right after you enter it. “We stand for freedom”, “We stand for the flag”, and “We stand for the right to bear arms” is a direct reference for the Bill of Rights and its Second Amendment in particular. According to the source, such resolution is intended to protect citizens by making arms a self-defense measure in order to be able to secure yourself from the attacker.
Such a philosophy runs this company since the very beginning and such an attitude is their citizen position in society. Everything is legal and the customers are buying products from Fatboy Tactical on their own risk.


Fatboy Tactical is a patriotic company and it reflected in many ways on their products and attitude to customers. However, they are not conservative and can work with people all over the world, which explains their fan base. As a result, they have a huge choice today, so any customer there will be able to build his own piece of art from scratch. Just think through what exactly do you want from your future gun and refer to the website for help, they will pick perfect stuff for you.

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