Davidson Defense Reviews

One of the most famous bases for gun customizing is AR and this model is a true legend among American army men. The story of it is rich and complex, and it worth your attention. So, AR became an idol for many weapon dealers, such as Davidson Defense in particular. In order to be one of the original stores, they dedicated it to the AR-15 model. Afterward, the high-quality products and great variety in a combination of nice service made this store unique and famous.

About Davidson Defense

Originated in Utah, this brand was created as a true American company, which provides only the best products to their own citizens. As a matter of fact, their policy isn’t limited by online retail, but they also distribute Davidson Defense goods to some local gun shops in Orem. The founders of this company were enthusiasts, it was created with the love to this business and passion to deliver the best quality and keep prices at the affordable level at the same time.

To be able to operate on a legal basis, Davidson Defense wasn’t enough of just license to fulfill their business. Therefore, this company wanted people to know what they worth and what quality do they deliver. So, they have received FFL license, SSL token of secure transaction and became a proud member of NRA. With such amount of testimonials, this company runs its business successfully and gains a bigger audience every year.

What is the expertise?

Davidson Defense have chosen a very tricky niche on market, but they fulfill it very well. Manufacturing and distributing guns for sports require lots of effort to become an expert in this area, and since they have so much popularity today, this company done very well.

However, this is still a company dedicated to the AR-15 rifle, which stated on the website once you log in to it. They deliver nice quality without any legal violations, at the same time providing a very nice variety of products and their accommodations.

Sports shooting is a very sophisticated branch, so it requires appropriate supplies. Davidson Defense is exactly that company, that will give you an opportunity to build up your own tool to reach the victory. Their accessories designed purposefully to increase all the stats in order to give the user everything he needs to fulfill his potential. However, the rest totally depends on the user himself.

What do they offer?

The variety of products allow piking building any setup you want for comfortable usage. Just like a car, a weapon can be adjusted so fine that only the owner of it can unleash all the advantages of such a weapon and turn them to his benefit. Therefore, to fulfill such a potential Davidson Defense provides a decent level of product diversity for that purpose. The full list of their menu is pretty long, but the main categories are the following.

  • Assembled uppers & kits. It’s a category, where located all essential parts required to be set on the rifle. It’s some sort of a skeleton for every gun and here you have a choice – to buy it already assembled or buy the kit to be able to build up such an upper yourself, you there is one bought already. The amount of models here is fascinating, but such a situation is pretty common for every category of this brand.
  • AR lower parts and components. Here you can find all required to assemble a lower part of your gun. They have a pretty good choice not only from models of this category but also material they made of. Given only mentioned two categories it’s enough for you to become a true master of rifle building. Each model is replaceable by its analogs, so you can assemble your own gun from scratch and make it unique.
  • Stocks and buffer components. Products of Davidson Defense are like a constructor. This section of the store is like the final detail when the basement is already assembled. Here you can find all parts to make your rifle suit you perfect. Buffering parts are designed to provide you stable-shooting during, so it’s all about ergonomics. Here you can pick whatever you want for comfortable using your custom rifle.

That’s it, these categories are the main ones, but each one of them covers tons of useful products, so you will spend hours of your time picking what suits you the best. However, the result worth it, isn’t it?


Creating your own rifle for sports is a very tricky and sophisticated thing. The only recommendation for you is to think through everything as much as you can and then go to the store and pick your components. This way you will create a gun that will feel like a part of your own body and this will grant you victory at any contest.

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