Compass Lake Engineering

Among all the distributors of weapons within the USA, there are not often to meet one that has a passion for only one type of rifle. AR-10 is that weapon of choice for the Compass Lake Engineering. This weapon has its own rich history and imprints the American army very much.

In the early 1950s, the American designer Eugene Stoner developed a new gas exhaust system that was different from the existing ones by the absence of a gas piston: powder gases acted directly on the shutter frame. In 1954, he developed the AR-10 rifle based on this scheme, and a year later, it was applied for the military tests. The military officials were not enthusiastic about the development of Stoner, and the M14 rifle came into service in 1957, ironically giving way subsequently to an M16 assault rifle, which almost completely repeats the design of the AR-10.

What is Compass Lake Engineering?

Since this rifle is in the preference for Compass Lake Engineering, getting to know this brand won’t be redundant. It is truly the U.S. brand and they do not export their products to anywhere abroad, so there are all reasons to call this brand patriotic.

Their motto is “BE PREPARED” and it states for the wellness of the American nation.

As the AR-10 is the base of their work, they provide a vast variety of products that will help to improve this rifle and customize it to any client.

In addition to the settled choice, they have already prepared custom solutions for those people, who know how to cope with the gun, what to do in different situations and how to maintain it, so they can pick something from that list to save time.

When it comes to diversity, Compass Lake Engineering reflect their choice in products. They have 4 different types only for barrels, not taking into account the rest of the accessories for your gun.

What does Compass Lake Engineering offer?

Compass Lake Engineering provides a really vast variety of their products and all of them are intended to make your gun be more sophisticated. They offer all needed accommodations to this gun and, as a bonus, they have some guides of how to perform some specific types of work, when it comes to maintenance of the gun itself.

  • Upper parts. They need to make your gun mode functional. To improve precision, lower the knockback and simply make it look cooler, Compass Lake Engineering offers a variety of tactical equipment to be able to make your user experience better.
  • Service parts. There is nothing eternal in our world, so it goes for the guns either. Over time all inner parts need to be exposed to maintenance or replacing if necessary. After making performing such services for your gun, it will serve you just like a new one.
  • One of the most vivid features of this company is their variety of barrels from different brands. Bartlein barrels are aiming at quality and duration, so they made of stainless steel and have single point cut style rifling. Krieger barrels also have a nice quality, but their expertise is in ergonomics. Also, their barrels are thoroughly inspected, which means that you have definitely top rated quality. Douglas Barrels are in the list of a ruff and durable barrels too, as they made from 416 Stainless Steel and are button rifled. Finally, there are also Criterion Barrels. Their features are concentrated in ergonomics and they have a good price. This is a perfect option for rookies, who want to start with something simple.
  • Accessories and tools are intended to make your user experience from the gun even better. They provide comfortable handling with a rifle, release the user from annoying situations when you can’t do something without the help of other person and make your movements way faster.
  • Finally, they have custom works available. These products are not official and can be picked at your own risk. However, Compass Lake Engineering doesn’t work with low-quality products, so there is no chance that you will find any bad products among them.


When you will pick your weapon, always remember for what purpose you may need it, because features of the weapon of choice will directly depend on it. Thoroughly think through what will you need from your rifle, what accessories will you need to have and so on. After buying it, the experience in using it will gain itself. The main rule here is to use your weapon only for good reasons.

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