CMT Tactical

The firearm industry is not a newborn one. People were always interested in arms since they became available in markets. Weapons were evolving all the time as the technology progress allowed us to create more sophisticated and powerful solutions. Therefore, companies that were manufacturing guns and supplies had to evolve along with the weapons themselves.

About CMT Tactical

CMT Tactical claims that their main mission was to provide clients only with high-quality products. The policy of this company based on the approach of their audience to the firearms industry and weapons in particular. However, the main feature of CMT Tactical is its technological solutions intended to create the most durable and comfort-in-use rifles, based on the AR-15 rifle, which is legendary among American military men. This rifle was created with a great performance, so on its base the most famous rifle nowadays MK-16 was created and still using now.

In order to follow this tradition of customizing the base and create your own craft, CMT Tactical gives an opportunity to follow your own rules. As a result, you can see a vast variety of products in their store, all of them intended to improve the already existing solutions and adjust the weapon to your own needs.

What do they Offer?

As a rule, such companies have a lot of product types to offer, but the precise number of them is hard to say, as they updating every week to give their customers opportunities to try more things. Instead of naming them all, here is a list of main categories at CMT Tactical to understand what do they offer.

  • AR-15 receivers. The receiver is an upper part that needed to make your weapon precise and powerful. Such features can be reached by the material this part of the weapon made of. Usually, this material is Aluminum, but there are also options here if you prefer something else. Giving a choice of dozens of such receivers, they divide into sub-categories too, so it will be easier for you to find what you pursuing.
  • Handguards-Rail Systems. In order to fit your weapon of choice, this part has features that will improve the gun features, not interfere with them. The choice here is not so vast as it could be, but everything you can find – is made of the best materials with sticking to the latest technologies. The main advantage is hidden in their weight. The lighter this part is the better handling of the weapon you have.
  • Gas blocks. An essential part of any barrel, this one is intended to provide more accuracy by damping the knockback from shots. The material here also has critical value, as it should withstand multiple vibrations and provide the best duration as it can be.

These are the main categories you can find at the CMT Tactical store. Of course, the full list is really long, because there are also different muzzle devices, upper receiver groups, cross-machine tool rifles, NFA items, details and components, patches and many more. Additional attention needs to be given to their training classes. This company cares about their customers, so they provide an opportunity to attend special classes for the proper use of its products by the audience. After finishing such lessons, you can proceed on your own on the path of weapon users and won’t be afraid to discover new things.

Special Features

To this category, it would be fair to add the ammo grade products and laser engraving. The first ones are a special offer to buy new and high-quality brand bullets. This company understands that a powerful gun needs to have appropriate ammo. As for the laser engraving, this feature is totally cosmetic, but still has a very significant value to customers. When you design and customize your weapon to your needs, it is yours and only the creator of it knows how to deal with it. However, to mark out that this gun belongs to you, there is an opportunity to perform an engraving on it. This will get everyone to know that it’s your rifle.


Customizing your weapon has never been so simple as now. CMT Tactical provides an opportunity to design your own product and assemble it to your own needs. And if you want to improve your knowledge, there are also options to get help from professional trainers here.

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