CBC Industries

However, before going to the range and practice, you must pick a gun that suits you the best. An old saying states that there are as many opinions as many people living in the world, so picking the gun for your needs can be an exciting experience.

What is CBS Industries?

To choose what arms will become your partner for the next period of time, you can always refer to professionals in this area to ask some tips regarding your problem. CBS Industries is exactly that company, that makes customers happy by helping them with their decisions.

This is an American brand and its HQ located in Charlestown, South Carolina. This means they know the way around guns specifically for American citizen purpose.

In addition to a vast variety of products, they have employees that are former military men and even veterans! So you can definitely rely on their opinion and become a master of your weapon of choice.

Now, to the arms themselves. Of course, you should take a new barrel – this is not a musical instrument where quality improves over time. The weapon is exposed to wear off and the less it will be at the time of purchase (completely absent), the better.

This is why CBS Industries is one of the best brands when you buy a gun from them. They provide a high-quality product along with the top-tier services, by selling guns and giving expert help from experienced staff.

CBS Industries expertise

This company was founded to provide only the best services to their customers. Besides high-quality of their work, the main specialty of this company is to help literally each one client to make his choice.

In order to fulfill that function, a variety of their products intended to assemble totally custom gun to your own preferences or you can always buy already complete solutions that are very popular among professionals and tested by them for several years.

In addition to already mentioned advantages, they provide a warranty for their products. All these factors can indicate only one thing: CBS Industries is a professional in the area of high-quality guns.

Speaking of which, the main preference in their products is given for AR models. Of course, there are variations of this gun, but still, the basis is the one. It is so by the huge popularity of this weapon, which used even in the U.S. army.

However, even with such a narrow choice, there is a good chance that you will leave their store with your own and original gun, as the specter of their accessories is very big. You can pick whatever suit your needs and attach it to the base gun and get a perfect weapon for you.

What do they offer?

Since the variety of products helps to build unique arms, what are the main categories they offer?

  • AR Rifles. The base of all your choices. Here you can pick any model that suits you and make it unique afterward, by accommodating it with all needed accessories.
  • Rifle kits and lower parts. A gun is a constructor too and consists of many inner parts, just like a car. So, you’re experiencing some troubles with your rifle, you can always get back here to buy anything you need and be sure in the quality of it.
  • Optics & sights. Precision almost the most significant gun metric, which indicates the behavior of your gun while aiming, makes clear shots, and be sure in the prediction of where will you bullet fly after pulling the trigger.
  • Accessories and gear. This section is for people, who want to buy some tools and supplies to keep the gun in appropriate condition and provide decent maintenance.
  • Parts and attachments. Almost the most popular section here. To make your gun unique, there are so many options of how to make it shoot more precise, have less knockback and be comfortable at the same time. It’s the section, where you can let all of your preferences out.

The list of advantages here is pretty big and it’s not a surprise. With the good quality comes popularity and trust from the audience. This is why CBC Industries are one of the best.


Looks like that CBC Industries have their reasons to be in the list of top-tier companies distributing the guns. Pick your perfect option, make it even more unique by accommodating with all required attachments and not worry about the quality of a product you’re purchasing.

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