Busnshell Banner Review

If you enjoy hunting, you are one of the many people who do so. Some do it for the thrill; others do it to survive while others do it for fun. Regardless of the category into which you fall, one thing is for sure – the scope you use matters a great deal.

You need a scope that works in increasing the accuracy of your shots, rather than undermining your skills. The scope should also be versatile such that it can work in a range of light conditions. Not all hunting days will have the sun shining on the prey.

In some cases, you will need to be accurate when the moon is nowhere to be seen, and the prey is especially elusive. But where can you get a scope that meets these needs? The banner comes into play at this point.

When buying a scope, it helps to know what you are buying. And this guide will work in outlining the features of this scope. This information will make it easy for you to decide if this works for you or not. Understandably, choosing a scope can be hard, given the many options in the market. And thus, narrowing the possibilities down by including or dismissing this scope will work in your favor.

What should you know about the banner?

One thing you should note is that it comes in a simple design. It is not one of those complicated scopes that give users a hard time in the learning curve. This scope works for all users, given its simplicity. Even a beginner can learn how to handle this in a few tries. But this simplicity does not take away from its power. If you are looking for something that helps you sight animals from a distance, this is it. Its image quality is not something you can shrug off or undermine.

You will also note that this scope is popular among hunters across the globe. That points to its attractive features. But that’s not all. It also comes at a reasonable price that makes it accessible to most people. That is a plus, especially for people who want to cut down on the money used in buying a scope.

What else makes this scope so popular?

The appearance is not something that will disappoint you either. It comes in an elegant matte black finish that feels and looks good in your hand. But it is not only the looks that appeal to the consumers but also the intricate process followed in making this scope. The manufacturer uses dusk and dawn brightness coating. Not only does this improve the focusing ability of the scope, but it also increases the clarity of images. It thus becomes easier for you to sight prey even when working in low light conditions. And that is more important than the finish of the scope. In this case, you get to have your cake and eat it.

Weather conditions are a cause for worry for most people when they go hunting. They fear that the scope will fog up at the wrong time, thus costing them their prey. In some scenarios, this fogging up could also put their lives at risk. But that is not something you need to think about when using the banner. It is not only waterproof, but it is also fog proof. Thus, no matter how damp the conditions get, you can rely on it to deliver as needed.

Additionally, it is shockproof. That does not mean that you should knock it on everything. But if you do, you have the assurance that it will not come apart, putting an end to the hunting trip.

What are its features?

From the overview, you can see that this scope has features that would appeal to most hunters. But you may need an extra nudge to buy this scope. Well, aside from the DDB coating that has earned it popularity, it also has other incredible features. One of these is the Multi X reticle that magnifies images from three to nine times. Plus, you will love that this scope can adapt to other reticle options such as the BDC and the Circle X.

Rifle recoil is often a cause for worry when using scopes. You want to ensure that the scope can hold its own even when working with high-caliber guns. Well, in this case, the banner can pretty much handle everything. Of course, this will eventually depend on how well you set it up before using it. If the mounting is not as per standard, then it will not deliver as expected. Thus, make sure that you use everything you need for mounting from the clamps to the rings. Your safety is paramount.

Windage and elevation adjustments on this scope are excellent, featuring ¼ inch MOA values. Turrets are in place. However, you should note that they do not feature zero-stop functionality. But that is something you should expect of a scope that falls in this price range. Another downside is the inability to compensate for parallax, which may be a dealbreaker for some people. But to many, this is forgivable, and they can work with it.


Are Bushnell banner scopes any good?

There are advantages to using these scopes. One is their versatility, such that they can handle an array of reticles. Also, they work in low light conditions and are water and fog proof. Additionally, they are shockproof.

Are Bushnell scopes any good?

Bushnell has quite an array of scopes that work for hunters at all levels. You can find anything from low-end to high-end scopes in their line. And these are durable and available at reasonable prices.

Where are Bushnell Trophy scopes made?

Most of these scopes get made in Japan, China, and Korea. Regardless of the country of manufacture, they feature the same high-quality and come at fair prices. However, there seems to be a preference for scopes from Korea and Japan.


This scope is for anyone looking for high performance at a low price. It has a few flaws, though, which you may or may not want to work with in the long term.

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