Bushnell Trophy 800 Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Trophy 800

Rangefinders are all the craze nowadays as people seek ways to make hitting targets an easy task. With a rangefinder, it becomes easier to estimate how far a target is. That way, you can make adjustments that work in perfecting the shot. Getting accurate shots this way is not an uphill task. If anything, even beginners can make good shots when using such gadgets. The accuracy gets even better when you have a scope in play to help you see the target better.

This guide will look at the trophy 800 and what makes it so popular in the market. In so doing, you can decide if this gadget is worth it or not. You can also determine if you need a rangefinder in your shots or can do with eyesight.

At a glance

Before getting into the details, let us look at what makes this rangefinder excel in the market. We will also look into some of its downsides.

  • On the upside, this rangefinder comes with a bow mode, which works great for archers. That means you can also use this when going on traditional hunts to make catching game easy. Can you think of another gadget with this option? You will also love the packaging in which it comes. On top of that, there is clarity in the images, making your shots precise.
  • On the downside, when working with highly reflective targets, the range is at 850 yards. Depending on the intended use for the gadget, this may seem limiting. Also, working with this gadget in low light conditions can be frustrating. It is quite hard to read the LCD in such conditions. The same goes for dusk and dawn hours. At these times, images tend to be dark, which can affect the accuracy of your shots.

Now, let us dig deeper and see what features this gadget has in store for you. In so doing, you can make an informed decision.


When you get the trophy 800 from the shop, it should contain a few things other than the rangefinder. These include a lanyard, nylon carrying case, manual, battery, cleaning cloth, and a warranty card. While these may not look like essential items, you will appreciate them down the road. Onto the features:

The Range

The manufacturer made this rangefinder with archers in mind, hence the bow mode. If you have tried archery, you know that archers are often close to their targets. And that explains the low range in this rangefinder. You can enjoy accuracy when dealing with highly reflective targets. However, you should note that this precision is only available up to 850 yards. Any more than this, and you can no longer rely on this gadget for accuracy. This bit might be a deal-breaker for people who work with long ranges. But for people who are all about short ranges, this will work for you.

As for the magnification, you can work with a level of 4, which works great for still and moving targets. The accuracy of this is not the best as you have an error of a yard or so. Note that the magnification is at one level, which is restrictive to some people.

Bushnell trophy rangefinder manual

Using this gadget is quite easy, thanks to the manual, which comes in the original packaging. In the manual, you get information on how to use this simple gadget. All you need to master is the one-touch operation, which makes this one of the easiest gadgets to use. You will love that the manual is clear on the operation. It allows you to understand the intuitive menus as you navigate the bow mode and switching between varying measurements.

The rangefinder comes with a 20 mm objective lens, coupled with multicoated optics. These are not fully coated, and that results in the loss of some light. However, this should not be a problem unless you plan to hunt under low light conditions. The field of view is quite extensive as it measures anything from 430 feet from 1000 yards. Plus, you get an eye relief of up to 20 mm, which is quite generous.

Bushnell hunting rangefinder power

This rangefinder works through an inbuilt battery. Once you remove the plastic tab, you can get started. Note that the battery is CR-2 and hard to find. It is always good to have a spare in case the old one dies on you. Power consumption in this gadget is low, thanks to the auto-shut-off feature.

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This simple rangefinder favors archers but works just as well for anyone else out in the field. As long as you are not working with long ranges and low light conditions, this can work for you. The light gathering is not the best in the market, and this can pose a problem when hunting at dawn or dusk. Other than that, this gadget works great.

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