Bushell Trophy 3-9X40 Review

Bushnell is not new to making spotting scopes that appeal to everyone, from birdwatchers to hunters. Their reputation in the industry has only grown as they seek to develop more high-end scopes. So, if you are thinking of getting the trophy, what should you know? This review will help you decide if this gadget is for you or not.

First Glance

In this case, you get what you pay for, meaning that the heft price has its advantages. The scope package comes with everything you will need for spotting. Its objective lens is wide. Owing to this, you get to enjoy HD image quality. But that is a scratch of the surface when it comes to this scope that keeps on giving. Let’s dig deeper:

Bushnell scopes

In the past, these scopes were more of entry-level products, and they thus did not have much to offer to pros. But times have changed such that pros and beginners alike can count on these gadgets. From low to high-end scopes, you can find what you need. The selection gets even better when you go for hunting rifle scopes that have an array of features.

And the good thing with these scopes is that they feature high-quality at a reasonable cost. You thus do not end up reaching too far into your pocket to get what you deserve. And given that the company has been in the industry for years on end, experience is not a problem. They know what they are doing, and they do it perfectly.

Bushnell 3-9×40 review

This scope features an adjustable magnification that features a wide mm objective lens. That allows you to adjust from 3* to 9*. As such, using this scope when hunting will work to your advantage. You can spot the animals from afar, and the image quality is clear, making your targeting easy.

Many times, people complain about chromatic aberration when using spotting scopes. Will this affect your targeting? The answer is no, as this gadget comes with eye relief.

This leading scope comes with multi-coated optics and offers you two choices regarding reticles. You can go for the Multi-X or work with the DOA 600. Additionally, this gadget is waterproof, allowing you to use it in humid conditions without fail. You will also love that it does not fog up when exposed to damp conditions. Thus, hunting in rainy seasons or early in the morning should not be a problem. Its resistance to shock is another major selling point. While you can try not to knock the scope on anything, you cannot guarantee that you will not. You thus need a scope that can handle some knocking now and then without falling apart.

It comes with flip-open scope covers and is easy to mount. Even beginners find handling this scope to be an easy task. You will also enjoy how fast focusing takes place, allowing you to get down to hunting.

As mentioned earlier, Bushnell started by providing low-end scopes. They have improved their products such that you can enjoy better quality. And this improvement has not hurt the pockets of the consumers.

This scope features multi-coated lens. And for its price range, that is quite a steal. As a result, you can enjoy up to 91% light transmission. Skimping on glass quality is not something you should expect with this scope.

What makes it good?

Before getting into the features more, let us look at what would make anyone buy this over other scopes in the market. And if you have done your research, you know that there are numerous options out there. So, why get the trophy?

Other than the appealing name, this scope also comes at a reasonable price. You get what you pay for, and then some. As such, if you are budget conscious, this would allow you to work with what you find comfortable. The coatings are of high-quality, ensuring you can enjoy high image quality. Plus, this scope is resistant to weather conditions and shocks. Fast focusing and mounting also work in its favor. And above all, it is long-lasting.

Are there any downsides?

While this scope is almost perfect, it does have one shortcoming that some people cannot get over. And that is the SFP reticle.


What is the Bushnell trophy 3-9×40 Walmart price?

This scope will set you back anything from $98 to $181.

Where can I get a Bushnell custom 3-9×40?

Several vendors have this scope in custom specs. These include multi-coated lenses, DDB coatings, and elevation adjustments.

What’s an honest Bushnell trophy 6-18×40 review?

This scope features a solid build and is thus durable. Also, it comes at an attractive price and has clear sight. The downside to this scope is the lack of locking in the focusing eyepiece.

What is the Bushnell trophy shotgun scope 3-9×40 DOA 600?

You will find that most hunters like using this scope, and it owes to the Multi X reticle. However, there is another reticle that also takes the day, and this is the DOA 600. That abbreviation stands for dead-on accurate, and you can thus imagine how precise it is. If you want precision at a range of 600 yards, this is the scope for you.

What is the Bushnell trophy silver 3-9×40 eye relief?

Have you ever used a scope with poor eye relief such that you ran a risk of hurting your eyes during recoil? That cannot happen when using this scope, which features a relief of up to five inches. That allows you to enjoy excellent image quality without putting yourself at risk. You will notice that many scopes in the market often offer three to four inches. So, this is quite a big relief.

Where are Bushnell trophy scopes made?

Most of their parts come from China.


This scope is highly accurate, thanks to the 600-yard reticle. And given its reasonable price and high-quality, this would be an excellent investment for anyone. If you want to enjoy durability without forking up a lot of cash, this would be a great start. Happy hunting!

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