Burris XTR II 5 25X50 Review


Fogging of scopes can happen at the worst time. It can be that you have spotted game and want to take a shot. Then the scope fogs up, and you cannot get a clear view. That can be frustrating as you watch the game walk away, and there is nothing you can do about it. You either take the shot blindly or pause the hunt. Well, Burris has found a way to deal with this, in the form of the XTR II. With this model, you no longer have to worry about fogging. That makes it the ideal choice for tactical and competitive shooting. You can also rely on this scope when hunting in the wild. 

What makes it a good choice? Well, models that fall under the XTR II category are sturdy and built to work in extreme conditions. Furthermore, they are durable and will thus give you value for your money. They feature clear optics and are simple to use. You can easily make adjustments for elevation and windage, even when you are new to scopes.

These benefits are essential to anyone who depends on their rifle. Your scope should be there to help you and not get in the way of a clear shot. Unfortunately, not many scopes in the market can meet this need. But with the XTR II, this should not be a cause for concern.

In this article, we will not only focus on the XTR II 5 25*50 but also the 8-40×50, 1-5, 1-8, 8-40×50, 2-10×42, and such others. That way, we can cover what makes scopes under this category so popular.


Are Burris scopes any good?

If you want incredible optics coupled with easy adjustments, these scopes are the go-tos. You will have an easy time adjusting for windage and elevation thanks to the simple turrets. Given that these scopes are available at fair prices, investing in them would be ideal. They work for competitive as well as tactical shooting.


Their designs are durable and work for extreme weather conditions. These units are so compact that you can drop them without altering their functionality. So if you have had scopes come apart owing to abuse, these might work for you.

Another thing that makes them unique is how they adapt to varying light conditions. Whether you are working with night vision or low light, these scopes work great. They also work when exposed to water, as they are waterproof. With these added advantages, you can focus on shooting rather than caring for the scopes.

Thus, anyone in the market for a reliable, affordable, high-quality, and precise scope should go for these.

What can users expect of these scopes?

  • For one, they feature illuminated reticles. That way, users can enjoy up to eleven brightness settings. The intensity of the setting depends on the shooting conditions.
    • For example,
      • when working with night vision, you can rely on the lowest setting, and vice versa holds. Also, these scopes feature high clarity, given that they are not susceptible to fog. For that reason, you can keep your eyes on the target at all times. When the target comes into view, pulling that trigger will be effortless. 
  • Secondly, the turrets are exposed and easy to adjust. That means that you can make changes that correspond to the measurements on the reticle. That way, you can stop guessing and work with accurate data. You will love that you can move to the original zeroed yardage setting with ease.
  • Thirdly, the lenses are of high-quality, and they feature multi-coating. That allows you to use them under low light while keeping flare at bay. You do not experience any interference when taking shots, and this enhances your accuracy.
  • Fourthly, the internal assembly in these scopes is topnotch. Everything is in place thanks to hand fitting, which ensures stability in the system. Also, there is a triple spring tension that ensures the assembly is shock-proof. When you pull the trigger, the system is always at risk of shock from the recoil. But in this case, that should not be a problem. The scope can very well handle such force. It can also withstand dropping, though you should not make it a habit. Additionally, the scopes are waterproof and fog-proof, making them perfect for use in the wild.

The ease of use of these scopes is not something you can undermine. Even beginners will find it easy to navigate the controls.

Finally, there is the issue of pricing. You can spend anything between $700-$1000 on such a scope, based on the size.


Q: What is the zero stop adjustment?

A: This feature allows you to move to your original zeroed yardage setting within moments. This seamless movement enables you to make changes without losing the focus of the target.

Q: What is unique about the Burris SCR moa reticle?

A: This model comes in solid construction, making it ideal for anyone looking for durability. That is not to say that it is perfect, but it is sure to meet several of your needs in the field. Also, it comes at an affordable price that ensures you do not spend too much on it. Value for your money is one of the benefits you can expect from it.

You can use this scope for long-range shooting such that you can target things 1000 yards away. This kind of scoping is not available in many products in the market at this price point.

Making adjustments to this scope is easy. It helps that you can return the settings to zero as needed and with ease. If you go for the larger models, you can enjoy a parallax adjustment from fifty yards to infinity. That is all thanks to the illumination settings, which you can control via a knob.

On top of all these benefits, this scope is easy to use straight from the box. It is not a wonder that many shooters are now opting to go this way.

Q: Where are Burris XTR scopes made?

A: These scopes are assembled in the USA.

Q: What is scope tracking?

A: That’s where a scope can go back to the original zero after the user has adjusted the turrets.

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