Burris RT6 Review

Burris Optics is not new when it comes to making optics that take over the market. Thus, when they announced that they had a new scope, it was expected that the release would be fantastic. They did not let their target market down when they introduced the RT6. This scope falls under their low magnification optics and is thus ideal for people who are new to shooting. Also, the company made it clear that the release took place with 3 gun shooters in mind. Beginners in this category can thus reap a lot from using this scope.


It comes with a magnification level ranging from 1-6. Compared to other scopes in the market, this is pretty low. However, it is enough to shoot targets for up to 600 yards. That makes it a go-to for people who love hunting. Its objective lens measures 24 millimeters, and it comes with a body tube measuring 30 millimeters. As such, this compact build aids in engaging targets with ease.

If you compare this to other scopes in the market, you will realize that it is a bit shorter. However, this does not impact its accuracy. If anything, its magnification abilities are better than those of most optics in this range. You can compare it to 1-4* scopes on the market to confirm this. This one measures 10.3 inches, which is much smaller than what you would find on the market. It is also light in weight as it weighs only 17.4 ounces. As such, you will not add much load to the setup, and you can have an easy time firing shots.

Everyone wants to invest in a scope that can last them for years on end. Otherwise, you end up spending money on gadgets continuously. And that can hurt your finances. With this scope, you do not have to worry about durability. It comes in a compact and sturdy build that can withstand exposure to weather elements. It also helps that Burris has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing lasting products.

Additionally, their optics feature innovative technology that gives them the edge over other products. Furthermore, you get all this quality at an affordable price. That allows you to win on many levels, making this an ideal choice.

In recent years, there has been an emphasis on scopes that feature illuminated reticles. Compared to other optics in the market, those with such reticles attract more consumers. It started as a trend and has now become ingrained in the market such that many people want to use such products. The RT6 meets this need while coupling it with affordability and durability. That way, it allows you to enjoy current trends at a fair price.

The reticle used in this case has a broken circle center with a center dot. Being precise with such features is not hard. Also, the subtensions extend vertically and horizontally. The beauty in this is that they aid in the ranging of the shots. They also compensate for the range as well as the wind holds. That way, they help you mitigate the effects of weather conditions over which you have no control.

The bullet drop compensation for this scope is incredible. If you use the 5.56 mm BDC, you can hit targets as far as 600 yards away. You can use this with other calibers, as well, and get accurate shots from the same. You will love that the MOA increments come easy, and you can master them within a short time. Also, the size of the tube makes it easy to zero.

This scope may be small, but it is in no way unimpressive. It features clear glass to ensure that you can view your target with ease. That holds regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. It allows you to go hunting even in the rain while tracking game with ease. Its compact build and lightweight are a plus. They ensure that you do not deal with too much heft that can affect the accuracy of your shots.

This scope relies on CR2032 batteries. These provide you with up to eleven brightness settings. They allow you to adjust the intensity based on the conditions of the weather. Additionally, there is a suppled power lever which you can attach on the ocular lens, depending on what needs you wish to meet.

The working of this optic is fast, and it can thus work great for people in competitions. You can move from 25 to 400 yards in a heartbeat, so long as you turn the dial up. As you do this, not many changes in the rifle, and it holds its balance, thanks to the light weight.

Why you should get it

This scope comes with incredible eye relief and is suitable for use with 3G. You can use it for both hunting and competitions. Its large field of view, coupled with its ease of adjustment is also a bonus. Additionally, it gives you value for your money. That owes to its robust build, fantastic glass quality, and shot accuracy. Furthermore, it is easy to mount and adjust.

Any reason to not get a Burris RT6

Some people have reported that the adjustment caps may do with some cross-threading. 


Burris rt6 with mount

You can get this scope with the mount, adding about $100 to complete the setup. Once mounted, this scope delivers a lot of power that works for people working with close range. You can use it at maximum power to hit targets up to 600 yards away.

Burris rt6 weight

This scope measures 17.4 ounces. That makes it easy to handle as it does not feel hefty on the hand. Also, hitting targets is much easier with these dimensions.

Burris rt6 fast fire 3

Besides using the basic setup with the scope, you can add the fast fire 3 and add about $100. That way, you can test the package when complete and enjoy a blast of fire. 

The box should come complete with the mount, allowing you to set up the scope with ease. However, this will depend on where you get the optic.

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