Burris MTAC 4.5 14X42 Review

Anyone who wants to take part in competition shooting should consider getting an MTAC riflescope. These scopes have become popular in recent years owing to their consistency. They allow you to build on your skills such that your shots are more precise. Your competitors will not know what hit them when you pull this baby out.

These scopes are known for their consistency. That is not the case for other products on the market. What you get today from these is what you will get tomorrow. It is also what someone else from another part of the globe will get. They work great for mid-range shooting, and may thus not be the best for people who want close-range shots. 

You will love how comfortable they feel owing to their compact build and light weight. That makes it easy to handle them. Even people who are new to shooting can enjoy these scopes and enjoy incredible results from their use. It also helps that they are versatile and can work with several machines. In this article, we will look into why these scopes have fast gained a good reputation in the market. Let’s get started:

What’s good with these scopes?

  • An MTAC scope comes with mil-rad target knobs, which you can adjust using your fingers. These knobs are easy to hold onto, and this makes adjustment an easy task. Thus, as you keep your eye on the target, hitting it will not be much of a problem. Some scopes do not have this, and they end up being challenging to use, especially for beginners.
  • The reticle is an essential aspect of any scope. The better its quality is, the easier it is for you to hit your target with ease. In this case, the scope will not let you down as it has a mil-dot reticle. With this, you can move from mid-range to long-range shots within moments. You can use this scope for close quarter battles, game tracking, and 3-Gun shooting. With this much versatility, you will not need another scope for a long time to come. 
  • The glass in this scope is not what you would ordinarily find on the market. It is of high quality, and this comes with a bevy of benefits to the users. For one, it is clear such that the light reaching you is adequate to picture the target. Also, it allows for brightness settings to take effect with ease. Working in dull weather will not affect your precision, and you can hunt game as you wish. Other than clarity, the glass is also durable. That allows you to use it in varying conditions without fear that it can get damaged.
  • The internal assembly in this scope is top-notch, which works in aiding it to withstand harsh conditions. It features double spring-tension, and it can hold zero from one round to the other. How many other scopes on the market have such features? If you know that you will work under harsh conditions, this might be the best option. This way, you can enjoy precision.
  • Performance is of the essence with this scope. As much as the glass is clear, more features are in place to ensure that you can get good results in all conditions. That is thanks to the multi-coated lenses. These allow you to enjoy visibility even in low light conditions. Furthermore, they reduce glare on the eyes, which ensures you do not hurt in the process. You can then focus on the target and get a clear shot. Also, you can make as many shots as you would like without any interference in the view. Many people using this scope admit that they enjoy a high success rate owing to this. Taking part in a competition with this scope on your side is sure to have incredible results. Of course, some practice will come in handy.
  • These scopes are fully waterproof and fog-proof. That allows you to take part in competitions and hunt game in rainy seasons. However, note that it does not make them submersible. It also helps if you ensure that the lenses are free of debris to keep the view clear. Leaving dirt and other materials on the glass can damage the coatings and thus affect your view over time.
  • Reticles in MTAC scopes vary, and they serve different purposes. The ballistic CQ reticle comes with a circular center that ensures fast engagement when working at a close-range. People in law enforcement and those in the military can rely on this performance. It also comes in handy for competitions and game hunting. There are smaller dots in the reticle that allow targeting of up to 600 yards. That is possible when using the 5.56 and 7.62 cartridges. Additionally, hash marks on the reticle subtend to 18 inches at corresponding distances. It makes it easy to size and hit targets as needed.
  • The mil-dot reticle comes with hash marks in between, and these come in handy in precision. They not only measure distance, but they also make adjustments for winds and other weather conditions. You can use this for both mid and long-range shots with ease. 
  • Then there is the ballistic milling reticle that has hash marks that allow for precision. You can also rely on this to account for changes in the wind. It works for long-range shooting, allowing you to hit targets as far as 500 yards.


Q: Are the turrets exposed?

A: The turrets are not exposed and are adjustable by finger. They are set high and are resettable to zero.

Parting Shot

This scope works best for tactical shooters in need of precision and high speeds. Its light gathering is on another level, thanks to its high-quality lenses. With a main tube construction of aircraft aluminum, this scope can work in harsh conditions. Also, it is long-lasting. It does not weigh much and feels light on the hands, making it easy to handle. Both competition shooters and game hunters can rely on it, regardless of their experience levels.

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