Burris Eliminator 3 Review

If you are in the market for a technologically advanced scope, this would be an excellent place to start. Scopes in this category come in sturdy and compact builds and are lightweight. Additionally, they are accurate such that you can do away with the need for guesswork. In this article, we will outline why you should think about getting such a scope. Let’s get started:

How accurate is the Burris Eliminator 3?


This scope comes with an X96 reticle, which is unique compared to other options in the market. Not only is it clear, but it is also accurate. Additionally, it displays the distance to the target above the crosshair. With this, it is quite hard to miss the mark.

Are Burris Eliminator scopes any good?

The answer would be yes. Whether you are shooting in competitions or hunting, this scope will work in your favor.

How does the Burris Eliminator 3 work?

This scope works for all levels, be it beginner or pros. It comes with the usual settings available in traditional scopes. These include elevation, windage, and zoom, which make targeting an easy task. You need to work on the programming to find what works for you. Once you set this, then you are good to go. Burris ascertains that making these adjustments is not hard. If anything, it compares the changes to setting an alarm clock. The scope comes with controls mounted to the side that make moving from one setting to the other easy.

The laser rangefinder is one thing that has attracted many people to use this scope. It comes in-built and offers several advantages to the users. You can control this using a button located on the side. With one push, you can control this feature as needed. You will be happy to know that you have the option to use an extended remote. You can mount this on the grip. That way, you can activate it as needed when working from a stable position. That should not be hard to master, even with beginners.

Reliability is the key when using this scope that has proven to be a go-to for many shooters. It has a high-quality build thanks to the impeccable materials used in its construction. That means that you can use it in a wide range of conditions without fear that it will come apart. Inside, it relies on a double spring tension system. Have you ever dealt with a scope that lost zero upon firing? If you have, then you know how frustrating that can be. That is not the case with this scope, thanks to this system. You never lose zero as a result of recoil or shock.

Defects and damage arising from the use of this scope are unlikely, thanks to its fantastic build. Also, its ease of use ensures that you do not end up unknowingly damaging it.


Q: Does Steiner own Burris?

A: No, Burris owns Steiner, thanks to an acquisition of the latter.

Q: What are the pros and cons of the Burris eliminator?




Let’s start with the pros, which will have you rushing to get such a unit.

  • For one, the rangefinder is built-in and reliable, allowing you to enjoy accuracy. It helps that it provides users with immediate feedback on the distance of the target. You can enjoy its accuracy for up to 1,200 yards.
  • Secondly, this unit boasts of high-quality, which assures you of extended use. That way, you get value for your money and avoid additional costs in the future. You can use this scope in any environment without putting it at risk of damage. To many hunters, that is a plus that they cannot ignore.
  • Thirdly, you do not have to worry about losing zero when using this unit. That is all thanks to the anti-shock spring system. Recoils and shocks will not affect this setting. Also, you never have to worry about inadequate light transmission. It features multi-coats on the glass surfaces and large lenses that ensure you get enough light. That contributes to the clarity of the target and enables accuracy in the shots.
  • Fourth, you have control over trajectories across long distances. That is thanks to the customizability of the scope. Programming it should not take long to master. That way, you can compensate for any trajectory differences, regardless of the magnification level.
  • Finally, there is the red dot that works great in shooting in low light conditions. Suppose you want to go hunting at dusk, this should come in handy.

With all these benefits, why would anyone choose to use another unit?

  • This unit does not come cheap, and that may deter many people from using it. Unless you require high precision or do not mind paying the money, the cost may seem high. Also, if you are not shooting at long ranges, this may be too high a price to pay.
  • The mounting system may not work with all rifles, and that brings about the issue of compatibility. As a result, some people cannot use this scope, even if they may want it.
  • It takes some time to learn how to program this scope while understanding its features. For most people, that should not be a problem. But beginners may find that the learning curve can be a bit tricky.
  • While the rangefinder is highly accurate, it does have some drawbacks. For example, you cannot use it when working with obstructions in the way. Something like a window can affect it, and this can be frustrating.

Q: How much is the Burris eliminator 3 3-12×44?


A: The cost of the scope will ultimately depend on the model in play. Ideally, you should spend about $1000-$1500 on the scope. It might seem like a lot, but many scopes on the market cost this and much more. And you end up with a long-range unit that boasts of a high-quality build.

Q: Can this work for hunting?

A: The answer is yes. You will spend quite a hefty amount on the initial costs. However, if you want to enjoy reliable long-range shooting, then this scope can work for you.

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