Nowadays there are tons of firearms types. They divided into many categories and by different factors, such as fire rate, penetration factor, type of action, class and many more factors. Among all the guns there is a category called BOHICA. It’s an acronym and has its own history of creation. In a few words, it stands for something that has repeating character and negative effect. Of course, such a term perfectly fits firearms industry products, but which ones. Sniper rifles are perfect candidates to suit this definition.

The Meaning of BOHICA

Military men are a well-known acronym and special terms inventors. Among their creations, there is the most famous title Uncle Sam, which story is really interesting and worth its own article. So, BOHICA is an acronym either and stands for Bend Over, Here It Comes Again. Generally, this acronym was used to warn people about bad situations that already occurred and will do again soon. As a common reaction to such a yell, there was a silent agreement and actions in order to avoid damage or negative consequences.

This acronym was born during the Vietnam War. Creators of it were American soldiers, but it still lives until today and commonly used within the American Air Force. However, not its usage has been spread among civilian people and has gained many sub-meanings.

BOHICA Sniper Rifles

BOHICA Arms Corp was founded in 2006 with the goal of bringing innovative new shooting products to the market. Drawing on our engineering and manufacturing background, they have taken over the 50 markets by offering an accurate, rugged, and user-friendly 50 BMG upper for a realistic price. Their customers have rewarded this company with hundreds of orders. They have produced all of the machined components, molds, and tools themselves.

However, there this company has left radars and nowadays there is no news from it, so everybody can only guess what happened. According to unofficial sources, this company experienced many issues since the very beginning and one day they’ve claimed to get off the business. Today it’s hard to find something related to that company on the Internet, but their legacy is very popular even over such a long time.

Manufacturing the Long-range Sniper Rifles

Among all creations of the BOHICA Arms Corp, there are many successful items, which designed better than others. They have very high quality and outstanding features. Even now you can find many videos of using BOHICA’s FAR-50 sniper rifle. This is a great example of the best product that has found a very big audience all over the world and still used in many countries for different purposes. Even though the manufacturer is DPMS Company now, the initial sample was taken from BOHICA Arms Corp itself.

This is a single-shot bolt-action rifle. Upper receiver/barrel group fitted with a DPMS AR-15 pattern lower receiver. The interesting part here is that this rifle has a pistol grip. A combination of these features makes this rifle very comfortable in use. Ergonomics is one of the most critical values when it comes to shooting features. According to expert esteems, this rifle is one of the most distant in terms of range. It provides outstanding accuracy with the appropriately picked scope. The base of this weapon is AR-15, one of the most famous rifles in American military history. Nowadays, the U.S. military arms are using MK-16, one of the most famous rifles in the world with outstanding features. However, FAR-50 is also a very known model of arms made on the base of AR-15.

This weapon totally corresponds to the status of a true sniper rifle. As it has a single-shot type of action, a low fire rate compensates the power of the rifle in combination with the caliber of bullets using here. This leads to a very powerful knockback, so usually, this weapon requires an experience of using firearms of such type. Also, it’s heavy and after pulling the trigger, an impulse from the shot will be hard to handle, so it using special supporting stands as a rule. And finally, this rifle is a sniper class, so low fire rate and heavyweight compensate with precision. Nowadays, there are dozens of different scopes from many manufacturers. Fortunately, this rifle is compatible with most of them, which means here you have a pretty big choice.


Looking at such rifles, people can only fascinate how powerful they are, because they were designed not for continuous operating. They have to shoot once instead, from a very long distance and hit the precise place on the target. However, always remember that such a weapon requires skills and some experience, but today there are many classes ready to help you become a true weapon master.

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