Benelli M3 VS M4

Hunting weapons company began to produce, by historical standards, quite recently: in 1920. Giovanni Benelli made his first horizontal. Before the war in 1941, he designed the first 12-gauge semi-automatic machine at the Browning base. Sometime in the sixties, the company received a patent for a semi-automatic machine using the kinetic energy of recoil. This moment can be considered the birth of the Benelli M3 Super 90 model, which appeared in the 80s of last century.

What is the contrast between the Benelli M2 and M4?

The Benelli M4 Super 90 consolidates phenomenal ergonomics, unwavering quality, and high strategic execution. It is simply the first moved shotgun with a gas-worked shotgun. It ensures a high load pace of discharge, just as the security and solidness of the weapon.

Among the design features of Benelli M4 Super 90 is the following:

  • The Ghost Ring steel diopter sights ensure the accuracy of the sight;
  • The rifle is fitted with a collimator and other sights;
  • External abrasion resistance of the receiver is made possible by the Milspec anti-reflective coating;
  • Convenient operation is provided by interchangeable telescopic buttstock, which can be replaced with Caccia and Pistol Grip models;
  • The barrel channel is chrome plated and the outside surface of the barrel is phosphate.

It is important to note that Benelli M4 can be completely disassembled in just a few minutes without tools, thanks to its simple and functional design.

The M4 shotguns are made using the latest technical developments, which in many ways justify the price of Benelli M4 shotgun. Thanks to its operational advantages, this model is considered one of the most effective weapons. Since the late 90s, it has been adopted by the US Marine Corps.

The most striking feature of “M2 Speed Performance” is a long red shop.

On closer inspection, the large cylindrical recharge handle and the increased shutter button are also red. Among the less catchy, but no less important features are the interchangeable muzzle device, specially designed for sports use, special sights, as well as the enlarged cartridge and charging windows with rounded edges.

As with all shotguns, the M2 SP is fitted with the inertial charging system and rotating bolt with two locking lugs that engage with the muzzle cutoffs of the receiver.

The choice of this type of locking system is due to its high stiffness and durability.

  • Firstly, the bolt carrier has a larger contact area, compared to the oscillating arm or vertical wedge, which is a bar that is loaded only at one end, not over the entire surface.
  • Secondly, the counterforce of the chocks is based on the force of the sleeve bottom pressure on the bolt, which contributes to the uniform distribution of the load on the locking surfaces.

Among the advantages of the rotary bolt is its smoothness of operation, as unlocking does not occur instantly, as is typical for systems that use the oscillating lever, vertical wedge or misalignment of the bolt, but with some delay due to the movement of the chocks on the inclined planes of the barrel clutch. The movement of the bolt system during rollback and recoil is also slightly slower due to the inherent balance of mass and force.

As for M2 vs M4, there are three significant differences:

  • The M4 (7.8 lbs) weighs 1.1 lb more than the M2 (6.7 lbs). Weight cuts the two different ways – heavier: diminished backlash however heavier to convey/control and so forth., lighter: heavier force yet marginally simpler to convey/control.
  • The M4 is gas worked, the M2 utilizes Benelli’s inertial framework.
  • The M4 ordinarily goes directly at $1700; the M2 for about $1179 – that is about $500 distinction. In any case, and this goes tilt the playing field a piece: I found another M4 locally for $1525 which is an extraordinary cost and that would just be a distinction of about $350.

The manual of arms, unwavering quality, and so forth is the equivalent. Barrel lengths are the equivalent – 18.5″.

Which Benelli shotgun is the best?

The M2 series is likely the most popular of the Benelli series of shotguns. The M2 also comes in the widest variety of configurations. The M2 comes in the tactical model that everybody loves, but it is also available in a Field model, a Field Rifle Slug gun, a 3-Gun model, a Turkey Performance shop, and a Waterfowl model.

How many rounds can a Benelli M4 hold?

The Benelli M4 Super 90 AS T1 semi-automatic shotgun has a lot of design elements, which are implemented through close cooperation with the police. The rubber grip, the buttstock, and the muzzle brake and flame-retarder significantly reduce the kickback tendency with large shot clusters. Thanks to its extremely compact design, this easy-to-wear self-propelled shotgun can be used in a wide range of applications. It can reliably function for at least 25,000 rounds without replacement of any major parts.

What is the difference between Benelli M1 and M2?

Benelli M1 is the classic single barrel self-loading shotgun. The basis for this gun was a very interesting automation system, which was developed in mid-1980s by Velli Army in Italy. This shotgun uses recoil energy and inertia of massive movable elements.

The bolt group includes massive bolt carrier and lightweight cylindrical bolt, which is inserted into the bolt carrier from the front. The bolt has two locking lugs at the front of the bolt, which engage with the breech face while the bolt is locked. A powerful inertial spring is located inside the cylindrical flow of the frame, between the bolt carrier and the bolt face. There is a pin at the top of the bolt, which moves in a special groove inside the bolt carrier, and this is what rotates the bolt during its longitudinal movement relative to the bolt carrier. There is a pusher at the rear of the bolt carrier, which connects the frame with the return spring, which is located in the buttstock. Because of this design, the buttstock on Benelli M1 shotguns can not be folded down, as it is an extension of the receiver.

There’s basically no qualification between the M1 and M2. The M3 is the one that fills in as both a siphon and auto. The M4 uses a gas chamber to help the dormancy system. The M1/M2 is up ’til now the standard for reliability.

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