AUS 8 Review

If you take interest in knives, various tools or you are a metallurgist, you should have some knowledge of AUS 8 steel and the fact it is quite good for making knives and the other sharp objects. With the use of knives, it is important to know of what metal it is made or what type of steel is in it. As it influences all the properties of a knife and the steel it is made if is the main factor defining its quality. The material of a knife must be hard, corrosion and damage resistant, it should hold an edge for a long time, also it is desirable to be sharpened easily. The observation of the AUS 8 steel type is given in the following video and you may watch it on Youtube just now:

Some more useful videos are also available on YouTube for those, who are curious about this type steel and its properties and wish to learn more info about it:

AUS 8 Blade Steel

AUS 8 steel is a Japanese stainless steel, as a rule, and due to its excellent resistance to rusting it is widely used for making cutting utensils. You will not need to worry about removing all the remaining substances from a knife, rub it with mineral oil once in a while or something like that, unlike the other types of alloy steels. As to the sharpness of this steel type, in most cases it is razor –sharp and it has a really excellent quality and lifespan. These utensils are also easy to sharpen with the simplest sharpening materials and even in the wild.

Still, some people say that without proper treatment it might have somewhat worse properties than the same knives with the proper heat treatment, even within the same brand items. Plus, one of the drawbacks of this steel grade is that when being kept in humid environment for a long period of time, it can get pitting corrosion where there are some spots of rust on a tool. But this problem isn’t so frequent to be worried about it too much, just keep your knives away from the humid places and that is the preventive measure.

As to the advantages of utensils made from such steel grade, they have been mentioned partially, but it is worth mentioning also that acquiring such a knife will make you happy, it has got excellent combination of quality and price. Sometimes it is worth paying more for a good tool than paying twice for a bad one.

AUS 8 Steel Composition

Compared to such steel grades as D2, 440 C or any other similar types, AUS 8 steel is considered to belong to upper grade steels. It possesses a nice balance of quality, price and properties. With proper hardening and heat treatment you will get the high-grade stainless steel resistant to corrosion. Speaking about AUS 8 steel composition, it must be said that that is an alloy steel and the additional elements are added to the iron to improve material’s quality. Among the elements which are likely to be met in this steel grade are:

  1. About seventy per cent of carbon
  2. Around five per cent of chromium
  3. The same amount of manganese
  4. Around three per cent of molybdenum
  5. About one per cent of silicon
  6. Up to forty- five per cent of nickel
  7. Up to twenty- five per cent of vanadium

Due to such a well-balanced composition of elements, where each element serves a certain aim in the steel use, you get the quality of materials which is far better than the most of steel grades in the world. All the acquired properties of toughness, durability, resistance to wear and corrosion make up a perfect knife or any other utensil for you.

  1. High carbon content brings a quality of excellent edge retention to any tool made of AUS 8 steel. 
  2. Chromium gives the steel ability to get a good tensile strength that is enduring the maximum stress. Also, chromium gives the steel anti-corrosion qualities. 
  3. Manganese is helpful for easy welding and easy sharpening of a knife or the other tool kind. 
  4. Nickel is also good for welding ability of the following material.
  5. Silicon usually provides incredible stress resistance and you are able to take your knife anywhere and use it with pleasure and easiness. 

AUS 8 Hardness

According to the great composition and combination of elements in a steel it possesses great hardness.

Sharpening UAS 8 Steel

It is easy and comfy to do in any area and conditions.

Comparison with the Other Steel Grades

Still, AUS 8 steel isn’t a premium quality steel and ELMAX and S35 VN steel grades are considered to be better than it. Speaking about AUS 8 steel vs D2, AUS8 is superior to D2 in many qualities and usage. Look at the video of a test of edge retention with these two grades:

If we compare AUS 8 steel vs VG10, VG10 tends to hold edge for a longer period of time, but its properties depend on a manufacturer brand. There are some low quality brands when VG10 is not so high-quality. But in general VG10 and AUS 8 steels have satisfactory rust resistance and easy sharpening ability.

When talking about AUS 8 steel vs S30V it may be said that S30V lasts longer than AUs 8 and its wear resistance and hardness are much better than those of AUS 8. But S30 V has got problems, as well. Sometimes poor-quality steel isn’t sharp enough, so it need a lot of sharpening in the beginning of its use.

Thus, in case you are a keen hunter, camper, a military man or you are into fishing, try these AUS 8 steel knives and you won’t get disappointed. These knives and tools are of nice quality for an affordable price. Just enjoy life and don’t think too much about sharpening and cleaning your knives. The quality allows it.

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