Atlantic Tactical

The Firearms industry is very wide and diverse. Since the accepting second amendment in the USA, there is a law that allows and regulates the right to bear arms. It created many opportunities to create company that manufactures arms and this industry has never experienced any issues with demand from people. However, firearms are not exclusively about weapons. There is also a necessity to have appropriate equipment, such as uniforms and body armor. Atlantic Tactical is exactly that company, which provides a full-scale offer in this industry.

About the Company

Atlantic Tactical is one of those companies that was founded before the 2000s. To be precise, this company started in 1972, in New Cumberland, PA. As they state, the main purpose of their business is to provide Police, Firefighters, EMS, Security and Military customers in all 50 states, which reflects the slogan “Outfitting America’s Heroes”. Such a patriotic approach granted them enormous popularity and nowadays this company has risen to the scale of representing over 800 manufacturers from all over the globe.

Atlantic Tactical has a very good and well-designed website, from which you can order any products that are available. However, there are also retail stores located at Philadelphia, PA; Suffolk, NY; Boston, MA; and Somerset, NJ.

Due to the scale of a country-wide company, it represents many brands, including such popular ones as 5.11 Tactical, Surefire, Defense Technology, Condor, Safariland, Protech Tactical, BlackHawk, Streamlight, Bianchi, Glock, and more. Such a long list of trusted companies allows to be one of the most demanded suppliers of tactical equipment in the U.S. However, nowadays they aren’t limited by the U.S. customers, but provide their goods and services abroad thanks to the outside sales force.

What do they Offer?

As the products from Atlantic Tactical have such a vast variety, on their website there are six main categories for simple navigation and understanding what are you buying.

  • Apparel and uniforms. The title speaks for itself. Here you can find all the required wear for the national service. Such things like cargo pants, polo T-shirts, sweats, emblems, etc. can be purchased here in very diverse options.
  • Body armor. Again, the name of the category totally gives away what’s in it. In order to save the owners of such products, Atlantic Tactical provides high-quality products. Such things as tactical armor plates from different manufacturers, face armors, and many more products are ready to protect customers of Atlantic Tactical.
  • Duty gear. In addition to already full sets of body armor, this company provides also special accessories that are intended to make using different things by their owner easier. Cuff cases, belts, pouches, straps, and dozens of other special supplies can become a nice and ergonomic addition to any armor.
  • Equipment and gear. This category is intended especially for more sophisticated things, such as safety magazines, tactical radio pouches, night vision tools, backpacks, flashlights, and so on. More than 100 product types are awaiting to serve America’s heroes.
  • Firearms. Protecting the order requires more than just an armored body. The ammo and guns are also needed and could be found in this category of Atlantic Tactical. The choice here is really good, especially if we’re talking about the company, that sells guns and body armor at the same time.
  • Footwear. In order to make your body listen to you, footwear from this company provides excellent ergonomics and protection from the environment.

Of course, there is an opportunity to pick any product by the brand if you prefer someone specific to your needs. And the sorting feature will help quickly find what you need.


From time to time Atlantic Tactical provides special offers on their website. Merely, it’s a sale that often fills with the ammo, guns and other products of Atlantic Tactical. Here you will be able to buy new accessories for yourself and pick a weapon for practice, so this category is perfect for rookies, who want to dive into the world of tactical equipment. Also, there are opportunities to buy footwear and gears from popular brands in this category. Atlantic Tactical provides an opportunity for everyone to become a protector of the homeland.


Given all of the above-said, there is only one conclusion comes to mind. Atlantic Tactical became a true master of equipping of the American protective institution, providing an excellent choice for each one of them. Creating such offers for people who care about America, Atlantic Tactical also shows their own care for the USA and respect to those people, who dedicate their lives to this purpose. Outfitting America’s heroes are in qualified hands.

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