Use of 5160 Steel

That’s why, it is quite often used for producing leaf springs for vehicles. Its high fatigue resistance makes its really durable for use in heavy machinery. Still, it is quite hard to weld and it may cause difficulties when trying to do that.

It has got medium and high level content of carbon, so it tends to rust easily (one of the few disadvantages of this steel type). As a rule, chromium is added to this alloy steel for increasing its hardness and manganese (about 1 per cent). As to the other properties of this frequently used alloy steel, it possesses a high level of tensile- yield coefficient.

5160 Blade Steel

Let’s talk about knives and blades. If you know some info about knives and types of metals used for making them, you must understand there are so multiple kinds of alloys and steels for producing these sharp items. It can’t be claimed that 5160 steel is pretty often used for manufacturing knives or axes, but it is quite good for making these tools.

Advantages for making knives

The following steel type possess a high level of durability (excellent impact resistance) and it is very flexible, as a matter of fact. So, it is ideal for creating big knives, like a survival knife, for instance, and for making axes and swords. You will not meet small knives made of 5160 blade steel often. They are difficult to produce and costly, as well. But you might try to create your own knife from a slab of such steel after buying a piece of it online (for example, on Amazon).

Drawbacks for making knives.

One of the main faults of this industrial material is tendency to rusting. Due to carbon content in the following steel type it rusts very fast. But if you are firm about having a knife or a sword produced from this steel material, it is not hard to prevent rusting. For preventing the corrosion process you have to clean the knife or sword immediately after using it, remove all the dirt, liquids etc. It will not take long time, but will help to keep a knife in an excellent condition. In addition, you should put some mineral oil on your knife or sword once in one or two weeks and it will be with you through a long period of time.

5160 Tool Steel

As it has been mentioned earlier in the article, 5160 steel is quite often used for making tools and utensils like knives, mostly big ones, swords, axes and so on, and it is also largely used in automobile manufacturing due to its incredible durability properties and a very high level of yield strength. That means this spring steel is able to return to its primary shape after its deformation or twisting. That is the reason it is very popular with sword and axe makers.

AISI 5160 steel material may be hardened with the use of oil, the suggested temperature of its quenching is 1525 degrees Fahrenheit and the heating temperature after quenching is recommended to be from eight hundred to one thousand three hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

Forging this type of steel is easy and fast but there are some problems with a welding process because of a high content of carbon and chromium, which makes the process harder to perform. For better welding you should preheat the section and decrease stress after a welding stage. The most effective methods of welding are arc welding and welding with gas.

5160 Steel for Axes

A lot of people wonder if this kind of steel material is suitable for making axes and buying axes produced from 5160. The answer is yes, it is totally worth buying and producing. 5160 steel is perfect for manufacturing axes and big knives as it is easy to sharpen yet it has an excellent durability together with impact resistance. In case it was heat treated in the right way, you will enjoy this tool for a long time when chopping, splitting and doing the other cutting activities. So, take this axe, go hunting, camping in a forest or just use it for your everyday needs.

1095 or 5160 Steel?

These kinds of steels are often compared as their properties are alike. 1095 (sometimes just 95) steel material us used in the Us army and military knives for fighting are produced from it. 1095 steel contains plenty of carbon. The main difference in properties between these two popular steels is edge retention.  5160 has got less edge retention than the other steel type. That is why it is easier to sharpen when needed and in case you a stuck in a forest and lost, it is better for you to get a knife from 5160 steel as it might be easily sharpened even with the help of a rock. A knife or axe made from 1095 is not so easy to sharpen, so you might be in need of a knife sharpener. In conditions of staying out in the wild, choose a 5160 steel knife, but if you prefer staying at home and using your tools there, your preference will be a 1095 knife.

Keep in mind pros and cons of this quality steel, don’t forget to take good care of the 5160 tools you are using and it will prevent their quick rusting, for sure.

It is up to you to decide which tools to use in various situations and for various needs. Be informed about all the best steel materials and their use and you will turn to be a success in every situation in your life.

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