4X Scope

When buying a scope, you should think about its magnification level as it affects your shooting accuracy. This level works in clarifying the image ahead and makes it easier to hit targets. But there is a catch in all this. When you use a level that is too high or too low, you end up missing the target. And in some cases, that can mean endangering your life. In others, it means that you will not have a meal. And in some, it means that you miss out on points gained in shooting competitions or fun games. In any of these cases, you would not feel happy. That’s why you need to know what can work for you.

Let us take a closer look at the 4x scope as well as other such options in the market. That way, you can decide if this is the right level for you.

When the 4x scope is suitable

Going for a low level of magnification gives you a clear image. And that is why many people will go for the 4x scope. However, you should note that this scope may not work in some instances. And in some, it is the best option. Here are some scenarios that can help you decide:

Let us take the example of a moving target.

In most hunting cases, you will find that the distances are about 300 yards. In this case, the best magnification levels would be 10* and below. However, you will find some people opting to use levels of up to 30*.

What is the problem with this? Well, the higher the level, the smaller the field of view. It makes it harder for you to follow the target as it moves. It is thus likely that you will miss hitting it in the process. Do you see that possibility?

Other than magnification, the lighting available also plays a big part. It also affects the field of view and your ability to see the target as it moves through this view. Thus, for a moving target, using a level of 4* or 6* would be ideal.

However, there is a catch here. If the distance goes up to 1,000 yards, then using a higher level would work, such as 10*. But this will only work if the target is slow and is wide such that the field of view can capture it. If not, you would not have much luck.

The speed of the target also matters. If it moves fast, you will need a higher level, such as 10*. That is even when working in distances of 500 yards. That allows you to hit it better.

When the target does not move, you are better off working with a high level, even at 30*. Why is this the case? The target will remain still, and you can thus view it even when the field of view is small.


Why the 4x scope is best

  • Working with high levels may make you think that you will enjoy more accuracy, but this is not the case. For one, light transmission through the lens reduces such that you end up with poor aim. Even a small movement from the target looks big to you and can make you miss your shot.
  • Higher levels also cost more, and this can be a turnoff to someone who wants to stick to a low budget. With the 4x scope, you will find that the price ranges are reasonable. You do not end up spending as much as $1000 on the scope in most cases, and the accuracy is dead-on.
  • A lower level, such as the 4x scope, feels lighter on the hands and is easier to handle, as opposed to using higher levels. Imagine a situation where you are under a lot of pressure and need to lug a scope around. Your chances of accurate shots would significantly reduce. 
  • Plus, with a higher level, mirage distortion is always a possibility. You can even end up seeing double, such that you cannot tell the target from the moving one. Even the wind can affect the accuracy of your shot. And that is a big downside.

While people think that high levels amount to good quality, it is not always the case. You can get amazing results without using as much cash.


How far can you shoot with a 4x scope?

This scope can handle shooting for ranges up to 600 yards or thereabout. When shooting at this distance, your target will seem to be 150 yards away.

What is the best fixed-power scope?

Fixed scopes are ideal and easy to use, given that you are not in charge of adjusting the magnification. However, they can also feel restricting as their levels work for specific uses. For example, one can work for short distances while another can work for long ranges. Thus, if you want to use a scope that works for both, these would not be the best. Many vendors offer such scopes from Bushnell to Weaver to Aim Optics. Your decision will thus depend on what you wish to shoot at.

What distance is a 10x scope Good For?

This scope works great for distance from 250 to 1000 yards. It is a medium to long range scope. Note the disadvantages that come from shooting at moving objects at long distances. 

What is a 1×4 scope?

This scope has a 1* setting for shooting targets at close ranges and 4* setting for mid-range targets.

Can I get a Nikon 4x scope?

Yes, these scopes are available and cost anything from $100 going up.

What is the 4x scope price?

It depends on the manufacturer as well as the features of the scope. Most cost $100 going up, and very few will cost $1000 or more. These are budget scopes with excellent quality and high accuracy.

Is the Leupold 4x scope any good?

This scope comes from a reputable manufacturer and is not only accurate but available at a fair price. Additionally, it is durable and features high image quality.

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