34mm Scope Rings

Every good hunter understands the need to have reliable optics and thus invest time and money. However, getting a good scope is not all that you need to do. You can get the best scope in the market only for the mounting system to let you down.

But what is a mounting system?

Well, this comprises a setup in which a base attaches to the firearm. And that is where the rings come into play such that they hold the scope on the base. You can thus see that your work also goes into choosing rings and bases that work for you. So, what do you need to know?


There are many bases available, and they come in varying designs. These are Redfield, Weaver, and quick detachable. Each of these has its benefits and downsides.

The Redfield system gets its name from the person who initially patented the mounting. It works through securing a rear ring using two horizontal windage adjustment screws. The front part of the base can work with a turn-in or dovetail ring, allowing for a reliable lock. This system is secure, and that makes it popular across the globe. People love that it can provide windage adjustments before one has to use the settings in the scope. Also, there is variation in how you can set it up. Take the dual dovetail as an example. Under this technique, you use turn-in rings at the front and the back. While this method is new, it has fast gained traction among shooters across the globe. People see it as more secure, and it works great for high caliber rifles with a lot of recoil power.

The Weaver system is similar to the Redfield as its name also leans on the initial patent holder. In this system, there are flat plates with slots that work in securing the rings using horizontal locking screws on both sides. You will find many people using this as it is also popular among hunters and shooters. It comes with versions that fit almost every rifle you will find on the market today. Plus, you end up using less money than you would when using the Redfield. There is a variation to this, known as the Picatinny, which is more popular nowadays. It uses slots cut along the rail length so you can mount a variety of sighting devices as well as other accessories. Of late, people are leaning more towards this variation, more so when it comes to AR 15 combos.

Finally, there is the quick detachable option where you use two levers to lock rings onto the basis. Why would anyone choose this? It all comes down to what the name alludes: quick detachment. You can remove the scope easily and re-attach it as you please. The beauty of this is that you will not lose zero. Thus, anyone hunting game where there is a variation in quarters can use this.

These bases come in one or two pieces.

  • The two-piece options are often lighter and more durable, given that they have four screws attaching them.
  • The one-piece options have three screws and are thus not as strong. When choosing a base, you have to consider if it will fit the rifle you wish to use.


Scope Rings

Now, here comes the most crucial part. All this while, we have touched on rings in the setups but are yet to discuss these parts. You will wonder why we started with the bases first, and here is why. The base will determine the choice of rings to a large extent. You also have to think about the diameter of the tube of the scope you wish to mount. When getting rings, you should ensure that the specs of these two match. If not, you can end up with parts you cannot use. The height also matters, and it varies from low to high. This height will depend on the scope too.

In this light, let us look at some of the 34 mm scope rings you can use.

Burris 34mm scope rings

These rings work in accommodating zeroing optics with a limitation in their internal mechanical travel. They also add elevation without you relying on a Picatinny rail. Additionally, they allow you to accommodate for windage problems by rotating the inserts. How great is that!

34mm scope rings for Remington 700

The Integral Scope Mounts Z2 works in this case. These rings can work with all models under the Remington 700 line and feature a strong alloy. Their matte black finish is a bonus to the fact that they are highly secure and compatible with scopes in this line. You need special tools to tighten the screws, but that’s just about all when it comes to downsides.

When looking for the best 34mm scope rings, keep these details in mind, and you will get it right.

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