A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed..
- The Second Amendment


Volume 6, Issue No. 10 April, 2000


      You Treasonous Bastards that ask for our vote, swore an oath, took  our money, then do a job “on us” instead of “for us”. BACK OFF NOW before you cause a revolution. We at M.O.M. are not alone. People within your own ranks are on our (America’s) side. we are everywhere. YOU leaders of each and every branch of this federal government are guilty of  TREASON. If you have the audacity to even ask why, read on.
      For many years (even before there was a M.O.M.) we had endeavored to expose corruption in what we thought was a representative form of government. We have done this through speeches from coast to coast at both private and public gatherings, at universities, high schools, before law enforcement and even before the U.S. Senate. We have attended hundreds of gun shows (you know-the shows you are trying to kill) produced many news letters exposing YOUR treasonous acts, we’ve even produced video documentaries with the documents to back them up. Occasionally a single document comes along to put it all in perspective. The following is one such document.

Ready to be Disarmed?
From: NamVet 049      Over the weekend I went to a pro-gun, pro civil rights rally in Niagara Falls sponsored by S.C.O.P.E. In their monthly paper was the following article. This is real scary and should be checked and gotten a response to, from our elected officials...
     If someday your children or grand-children ask you how Liberty died in America and what happened that caused the demise of the Nation, read this and you will be able to answer them.
     If they ask you why the Citizens have been disarmed, you'll know.
     If you want to know why, go to your local library, no matter where you live in the US. Tell the librarian to show you where the "United States Code books" are shelved. There are 25 books in the set. They are reddish-brown in color. They are printed by  the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC. These hard-covered books are printed every 8-10 years. They are updated with annual soft-back supplements each  year until a new hardcover issue comes out. At the present time, the 1988 hardbacks are on library shelves.
     OPEN VOLUME 9. The page num-bers are in the center near the middle binding. The section numbers are along the edges.
     TURN TO PAGE 651. Here you will find Public Law 87-297 which calls for the US to eliminate its armed forces. This law was signed for the US in 1961. John F. Kennedy signed it and every president since has worked to enact its provisions. The government knows you will not approve, which is why they want to take away your  firearms. {this is title 22 USC section 2551].
     TURN TO PAGE 652. Here you will find the definition of what the government means by "disarmament." The dis-armament calls for the elimination of our armed forces. It also calls for the elimina-tion of weapons of all kinds. {This is title 22 USC 2552(a)}.
     TURN TO PAGE 654. Here you will find it stated as Item (a) "control, reduc-tion and elimination of armed forces ..." and as Item (d) "...elimination of armed forces ..." What  you need to know is that your armed forces are being eliminated and relinquished from National control which, in turn, wipes out our sovereignty as a nation. In two stages,  we will have no more army, no more navy, no more air force. In the third stage, we  shall have a "zero" military. Before Stage I closes, all citizen-owned guns are to be banned. {This is Title 22 USC Section 2571 (a)}.
     Public Law 87-297 is further ex-plained in the State Department Docu-ment called Publication 7277. Your li-brarian can also furnish you a copy. Also ask the librarian to get you a copy of "The Blue Print for the Peace Race." It is a 35-page booklet printed by the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency as Publication No. 4 -General Series 3 - Released May of 1962. Publication No. 4 is the unabridged version of State De-partment Document 7277.
     Both of these booklets explain how our military is to be reduced to 2.1 mil-lion men. China and the Soviets are to be reduced to that level also. At this point, we are at  Stage I at which time we are to transfer (on a permanent basis) one-half of our armed forces to be merged with the Russian and Chinese armies. In Stage II, the remaining one-half of our armed forces is then turned over to this same Security Council of the United Nations. The person in charge of the merged armies must, by agreement, always be a Russian. the world's smaller nations turn 100% of their armies over to the same undersecretary of the Security Council in Stage II. President George Bush and      Admiral William J. Crowe [have re-ferred] to this process as being "in transi-tion."
     TURN TO PAGE 655. On this page in Volume 9 of the US code, read "Policy      Formation." The directives there (written in 1963 to pacify objectors) are supposedly to restrain anyone from disarmament, reducing or limiting our arma-ments, or taking guns away from the people unless it is pursuant to the treaty-making power of the president, or if it is authorized by further legislation by the Congress. {This is Title 22, Section 2573}.
     Every couple of years, the House of Representatives votes to appropriate funds for this ongoing program. Since P.L. 87-297 was first passed into law in 1961, there have been 18 updates to it - all bad - with no deletions of these issues that I lay before you now. the Congress knows that the plan includes the policing of the US by foreign troops. {The world army they are forming in Europe.} The congress is allowing our military bases to be closed down, except for those that will be used by the world army. You will find that plan in Publication 7277 and in "The Blueprint for the Peace Race."
     If the president and congress can promote a "Constitutional Convention" you will find yourself with two new constitutions (communist in structure) which in one states in Article VIII, Section 12: "No person shall bear arms or possess le-thal weapons except the police and members of the armed forces ..." The Congress has praised these documents and is on record in Senate hearings seeking ways to install these constitutions. Ask your librarian for "Revision of the United Nations Charter – Hearings Before a Sub-committee {Foreign Relations} Feb. 2-20, 1950 U.S. Government Printing Office." Nothing has changed since. They are still viable.
     The ultimate goal to be reached, in Stage III of the disarmament process, is to "proceed to a point where no state [na-tion] would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened UN Peace Force ..."
     Anyone who doubts the truthfulness of what has been presented here is free to go to the library and go through the steps which have been outlined above. While you are at it, look up Public Law 101-216.
     State Department Publication 7277 is available on the web at:
     http://www.kobres.com/disarm.html and in electronic form as file PUB 7277.ZIP on at least the following bulletin boards:
     Paul Revere - San Jose (408) 947-7800
     The Rising Storm (408) 739-8693.
     If in future years your children or grandchildren ask why you allowed their freedom to slip through your fingers, no one who has read this material will be able to say: "If only I had known." Now that you have read this, you know.
     The question is: What are you going to do about it?


"Necessity" is the plea for every infringement of human rights.

                   It is the argument of tyrants; It is the creed of slaves

Dear Peace Officer:

     I don't want to kill you. I don't even want to wound you. I admire your courage and the commitment you've made to help others, often at the risk of your own life. I hope you won't come for me, because if you do, one of us will die. It may be you. I've done nothing wrong.
     I don't intend to. But the government that you serve has passed too many laws. I am sure to accidentally break one, some day. And that same government is systematically destroying the unalienable rights which our Constitution says may not be infringed - very specifically, my right to keep and bear arms.
     I am not some wacko lunatic, but I can no longer stand idly by, while decent  people are systematically enslaved by an out-of-control government. I can not allow a corrupt judiciary to use its power to destroy my rights and my country. That government and that judiciary has begun to use you to arrest and kill people just like me - people who believe that the Declaration of  Independence, the Consti-tution and the Bill of Rights mean what they say.
     You don't know me, but you see me every day. I may be a businessman, a truck driver, an executive. I could be a housewife or a salesman. But I am armed, as Americans have been for over 250 years, and I am determined to keep the freedoms that only an armed people may retain. With a rifle, I can hit a man-sized target at 800 yards. At shorter distances, in the blink of an eye, I can hit a head-size target with a handgun. I don't wear a uniform. I don't drive a marked car. I don't wear camouflage. I could be your own secretary, or your barber. I might be the guy who delivers your bottled water, or the parcel delivery lady. You don't know who I am, or what arms I have, and you never will. I am millions. I am America.
     But I know you. I know your uniform, your car, and your work schedule. I know where you work, and where you live. And that is good for you, because not only am I no threat to you, so long as you do the job for which you are hired, I am also prepared to assist you when you are threatened. There aren't many of me left, you may think, but believe me, there are many, many more than you can imagine. When the chips are down, we are the ones who are truly on your side. On your side, that is, so long as you honor your Oath.
     We are on your side if you are one of the majority of peace officers who are not corrupt and who have not sold out to the socialists and communists who will do anything, say anything to destroy the America our fathers and grandfathers be-queathed us. No, I am no threat to you, but your bosses in government don't see it that way. They think that I, and my arms, are a threat to them, and they are plan-ning to send you for me, just as they've sent armed, dangerous officers on select little missions for years, taking out targeted individuals. On their orders, you may succeed in murdering me for my beliefs. Or you may not.
     Whether or not you succeed in murdering me, as federal agents murdered Vicki Weaver in Idaho; or as those same federal agents murdered 81 men, women and children at Waco, Texas; there will be others who will rise up in my memory,as I now rise up in honor of the innocent lives taken by the jack-booted thugs and black-clad imitation ninjas who think it is fun to murder Americans -who have somehow become convinced that it is their job to murder Americans.
     I am prepared to die, honoring my sacred Oath as an American, to defend and protect the Constitution of the united States of America. Are you prepared to die to violate the Oath you took? You see, our government is out of control. You know it. You've seen it. But you, like many others, have been too concerned with your job, your family, and your pen-sion, to say or do anything about it. Deep down, you know I am right. But you think you must follow orders.
     Or must you? Are you going to murder me for having the courage to stand up for the country and the principles in which you believe? Are you going to go along with unconscionably illegal, unconstitutional orders, just as the "good" German soldiers followed their orders? Are you going to be a peace officer or a jack-booted thug? There is little difference between a street outlaw who murders and robs; and a uniformed thug who murders and robs under color of law. The result is the same. Property confiscated, lives ruined, families ripped apart, murder committed, and a free nation destroyed.
     Look at history. Look around the world. As we move toward a lawless society, our country moves closer and closer to anarchy and then some form of a  schism. Are you going to enforce unconstitutional laws? Are you going to be the private army of fascist dictators masquerading as democratic representatives? Or are you going to do your part to recapture America? Are you going to keep your eyes and ears open? Will you let me know when the jack-booted thugs in the SWAT teams have targeted me? Will you let your fellow officers know that they are being sold down the river by their corrupt masters? Don't come to kill me. Because I don't want to kill you.
     If you do come, you may succeed - if you get lucky. But don't count on luck, because it will probably be hard - damned hard. Like millions of other Americans, I am the son or daughter of a nation of ri-flemen -citizen-soldiers who have a rich heritage of beating the best the enemy can
send against us. We are resourceful. We understand weapons and tactics. You are foolish if you intend to be our enemy. If you don't succeed in the long run, and you won't, here's what you can expect: Ambushes of SWAT teams; the wholesale slaughter of all the jack-booted thugs who have murdered innocent Americans on the orders of their socialist masters; targeted assassinations and kidnappings of anti-Constitution judges; assassinations of  anti-American, anti-gun politicians.
     By your willingness to be a good little Nazi, you will have unleashed a civil war. It doesn't have to be that way. You can do something about it. It's easy. Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Although you took an Oath to defend them, you don't see much of them in your training, do you? Today, these documents are considered dangerous by the government, just as King George found them dangerous over 200 years ago. Why do you suppose your leaders lead you to oppose the very rights you swore to protect? Why do they want a disarmed public? You know the reason. It has nothing to do with controlling crime. It has everything to do with using you to disarm, fine and control your fellow American Citizens. Don't fall for it. Don't force me to kill you.

 (Signed, 100 Million Real Americans)

NRA and Clinton agree

    NRA and Clinton agree to infringe again on the 2nd Amendment and against the Constitution. When do we as a people take a stand for the Constitution and not an organization i.e. NRA, Democratic Party or any others with blind faith. Is this not why we are on the down slide of our FREEDOMS today.  Americans, when will you stand and be counted? When are we going to unite as a people behind an issue in order to force any or all the viable candidate(s) to hear and pay attention to the Law of the Land. NO COMPROMISE!!!!!
      (Tuesday, March 14, 2000) -- The Washington Times today correctly points out how close gun owners are to getting major new gun control as part of the juvenile injustice bill.  Many of the players on opposite sides of the gun control table are actually VERY close in principle, even though the public-shouting matches might indicate otherwise.
     In his article entitled, "Differences few in bitter debate on gun legislation," Sean Scully noted:
    At the heart of the rhetorical battle between pro and anti-gun forces lies a truth neither side likes to concede:  They are in almost complete agreement on almost every issue.
     The two sides agree on the basics of a new package of gun-control legislation:  requiring the sale of trigger locks with all handguns, banning all large-capacity ammunition clips and magazines, and preventing youths younger than 18 from possessing certain semiautomatic weapons.  They even agree on the notion that all buyers at gun shows should be subject to background checks, just like buyers at regular gun stores....
      Both the National Rifle Association and President Clinton -- who normally agree on little else -- endorsed congressional bills that included these provisions last year.  And even though they were on the same side on most of the proposed regulations, Mr. Clinton and the NRA are engaged in an increasingly bitter public dispute over gun control in recent days....
     Indeed, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the chairman of the conference committee dealing with the juvenile crime bill con-ference, stated last week that, "if we could put the gun show provision aside I think we'd have a bill.  But we can't get the other side to do that so far."  Let's hope Clinton doesn't wake up and realize just how close his gun position is to that of the compromisers in Congress.
     In the meantime, you can be sure that Gun Owners of America is 100% opposed to ALL of the anti-gun provisions in the crime bill, and will continue to fight this bill tooth and nail. ACTION:Oppose the gun vote in the House.  The House gun vote we alerted you to last week was postponed, but it could resurface this week.  The White House is telling reporters the vote is tomorrow, although House Republicans disagree.  Whatever the case, it's important that your Representatives hear from you!
     Ask them to OPPOSE the Rep. Zoe Lofgren "motion to instruct" the conferees on the juvenile crime bill (H.R. 1501).  Tell them you don't want the anti-gun bill to leave the conference committee.
     A White House spokesman today stated he hopes the Lofgren motion will send "a very important message" and push the juvenile gun bill out of the committee.  Make sure your Reps. get the right message. Let them know you oppose every 2nd Amendment infringement in the juvenile bill.  You can call your Con-gressmen at 1-888-449-3511 (toll free) or at 202-224-3121.
     NOTE:  There has been a buzz on the internet regarding S. 2099, a bill that would treat handguns like machine guns for purposes of registering and taxing them.  While this bill is terribly bad, please save your lobbying "ammunition"!  That bill is not going anywhere right now -- and probably won't see any action at all this year.  The battle at the present time is the juvenile crime bill, which is just a breath away from the President's desk.  Keep up the heat!

Columbine caused by curriculum., board member charges
  By BILL SCANLON -   Scripps Howard News Service
  April 06, 2000     DENVER - The Columbine High tragedy was caused in part by a curriculum that overemphasizes death and does-n't teach right from wrong, a Colorado   state school board member said in a recent speech.
       "When all the kids' videos are about violence or sex, when kids are allowed and even encouraged to make such videos, what do you think is going to   happen with some of these kids?" board member Patti Johnson said   Wednesday, amplifying remarks she made in Cincinnati last week.
     Her speech in Ohio was titled "The Real Killers at Columbine: A Curricula   Gone Bad."
     Johnson said Colorado schools have too many teachers who encourage students to question the values taught at home and who push them to talk about death.
     A spokesman for Jefferson County Schools disagreed. "The bigger story is   why a state board member is talking about something she has no knowledge   of," Rick Kaufman said.
     "Patti joins a list of people across the country who are exploiting the tragedy to their own personal or professional gain," he said. "They talk about why they think the shooting occurred, what motivated Eric and Dylan to do that, basing it on what they read in the media."
     Johnson is no stranger to controversy. She was the catalyst last year behind a state board of education proclamation that Ritalin and other prescription drugs shouldn't be used to treat school children.
     She said the drugs Eric Harris was taking before April 20 may have played a part in the rage he and Dylan Klebold worked up to commit the act. Johnson also said discussions about suicide and death didn't by themselves cause Harris and Klebold to kill 12 classmates and a teacher before killing  themselves.
     But she said schools that don't teach absolutes of right and wrong, that stress relative truths and that encourage stu-dents to find their own values are playing a dangerous game.
     "To Harris and Klebold, their decision was a rational one," she said.
     Johnson points to a lifeboat scenario popular in some classrooms, in which   six or seven students decide which life is most expendable -  the disabled   person, the rich man, the healthy doctor, the pregnant woman.
     "Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did their own lifeboat scenario," Johnson said. "They didn't like blacks, jocks or Christians."
     Johnson says teachers shouldn't put students into a position to weigh the   relative value of human life, because to her all life is sacred. She maintains   that when a suicide survivor gives a talk, some students who never would contem-plate suicide become obsessed about it.
     Kaufman said Johnson's contention isn't backed up by research.   "Certainly, discussions on death and suicide may be appropriate in some   venues," Kaufman said. "Particularly because teen suicide is a topic of   concern of educators and stu-dents. From a prevention standpoint,   discussion can help people understand, absolutely."
     Johnson puts part of the blame on cul-tural diversity units, which she says too often are so negative that students emerge distrustful.
     "They say all this dirt was done to this group in the past it was always the white man who was evil," she said. "They never point out how many people died trying to free the slaves. They create more division and create more hate and anger."
     Kaufman said Johnson doesn't know enough about Columbine to speak with   authority about it.
     "She was not at Columbine, she was not a part of curriculum development,"
 Kaufman said.

For the Children
     Anti-Gun Fanatics Pose as 'Child Ad-vocates'
by Betsy Hart, Scripps Howard News Service
1090 Vermont Ave., NW, Suite 1000, Washington, D. C. 20005.

     Once again, it's all for the children.  President Clinton recently met with the mother of Kayla Rolland, the little girl so tragically shot to death by her first-grade classmate in Flint, Michigan.  "As a parent, my heart goes out to her," Clinton said.  "And as president, I'm going to see that this doesn't happen to other children."
     So Bill Clinton began promoting the wildly inflated but well-quoted figure that 13 American "children" are killed every day in gun related incidents.  But the only way to arrive anywhere near that figure is to lump 19-year old convicted felons killed in gang-fights along with innocent first graders killed in class.
     The reality is that the typical number of children--meaning those age 0-14--killed annually in firearm related incidents in recent years is between 600 and 700.  While that number is still tragically too high, it is dwarfed by those in the same age range who have drowned each year in recent years--between about 950 and 1,050 annually.
     If the president is really concerned about the safety and well-being of children, why doesn't he meet with the parents of, say, America's most recent juve-nile drowning victim and pledge to do something about the terrible devastation of neighborhood and backyard pool accidents where so many of these deaths occur?  Pools are, after all, a totally unnecessary luxury.  But, of course, when it comes to the tragedy of drowning fatalities, there is little that Clinton or his cronies can exploit. Yet, a 6-year old boy shooting his classmate?  Well for these folks, that's a gold mine for their agenda. When it comes to the Left, it's always about the "well being" of children in their attempts to expand the role of government.  They are, after all, "child advocates."

J. G.  Cloudcroft,  N.M.

Spies Among Us
   We have a Big Brother Program here in NC and it appears there are plans to im-plement it in other states. It’s called WAVE (Working Against Violence Everywhere). It urges kids to call in and report threats, prejudiced statements, info on  GUNS, etc.. The state of NC is turning our kids into little tattletales and spies for the state. What’s interesting is that the corporate private Nazi group, Pinkerton Services, INC. is running the program.
 The WAVE website is:  http://all.at/wave/ - The Anti-WAVE website is :http://community2.webtv.net/ @hh!27!bd!ce30b511bfee/elk059/STOPTHE WAVEPROGRAM/
 The Anti-WAVE petition is at:  http: //www.i-charity.net/sw.cgi/ptn/sign/15
 The WAVE toll-free rat-on-your fellow students, parents and neighbors line: 1-888-960-9600. Let’s jam their line in protest of Big Brother turning our kids into spies. Thanks,  Mike Moxley    Fayetteville,NC
 John, please get this info out to your contacts, and request that folks go sign the petition and flood the toll-free WAVE line with complaints.  Editors note:     Has our government learned nothing from the past. It belittles those who follow some of Hitler’s philosophies then they turn around and use his programs in our society i.e. children spying on their neighbors and families.

        FLASH. You won't hear it on the news.
   Date:  Wed, 5 Apr 2000    From: Utah

     Last Saturday the Los Angeles County Central Committee of the repub-lican party spit in the face of the state party when the county party had their internal election of officers. The state party spent a bunch of money supporting their own politically correct candidates and with an adrenalin surge the county party rejected all of them. Now for the first time in anyone’s memory the Los Angeles County Central Committee is 95% no Compromise pro-gun. The trick will be to see how much influence they can have in the Peoples Republic Of Kalifornia. Russ: (says)
     GUN CONTROL: The belief that the body of a raped tortured and strangled woman found in an alley, is preferable to a woman explaining the bullet holes in her attacker to the police.
Over the last ten years government mandated airbags have killed more children, than all school shootings combined.
     More children choke to death, while eating, than die in firearm accidents.
     SHOOTING: The only collegiate sport that has never had a fatality.

Women and Guns
 Dr. Michael S. Brown  March 27, 2000     One of the great ironies of the cul-tural war over gun rights is that women are generally more anti-gun than men. Violence against women is an ex-tremely serious problem, yet women are constantly  told to forgo the most effective means of self-defense.
A young woman known to my wife was abducted and raped recently by a sex offender on parole. She is now HIV-positive and the assailant left town before police could build an airtight case. Another woman in our area was forced to change her own name and move to a new home because her attacker knows her identity. A woman I know and two female family members were terrorized by an intruder who entered their home at 5 AM. The man escaped before police could respond to a 911 call and he has not been caught.
    Contrast this to a case in Arizona where an unarmed woman was raped, shot and left for dead. The attacker then forced his way into a private home where he was promptly shot and killed by a second woman with a handgun. He will not rape again. Episodes like this happen around the country, but are totally ignored by the national media.
    The bias against armed self-defense is one of the most insidious forms of victimization of women. The dominant cul-tural conditioning tells women that they are not capable of defending themselves with a gun. They are told that if they arm themselves, the attacker will simply take the gun away and use it against them. Although this rarely happens, millions of women have accepted the degrading concept that they are not capable of learning to defend themselves and their children with a firearm, should they so choose.
    Many women are afraid of guns because they have never been encouraged to understand them. They are often afraid that guns go off on their own. A man who provides firearms training to women helps allay his student's fears with a story from his childhood. It seems that his mother was a dressmaker and kept several sewing machines in the house. The boy was terribly afraid of them, because he thought that they might suddenly start up and sew through his hand. Once he understood that sewing machines are simply tools that will not function with-out human control, he lost his unreasonable fear.
    Some women have conquered the conditioning and acquired firearms training. It can be an empowering and life changing experience. They lose some of the fear that all women are forced to live with, because they can now provide security for themselves and their chil-dren. Once they discover that they can handle a gun safely  and responsibly, they resent the way they have been lied to all their lives.
Although firearms accidents have steadily declined for the last century, concern for child safety has been a major weapon of anti-self-defense groups like Handgun Control Inc. While there are legitimate concerns about keeping guns in a house with children, there are many excellent options for childproof storage and many effective ways to raise children safely around guns.
    Unfortunately, firearms training and safety programs are also under attack, since certain political factions have a vested interest in perpetuating the myth of the incompetent woman. Women who feel helpless and vulnerable are more likely to vote for greater government control, while those who can provide security for themselves and their families are not.
    There are some women who are speaking out against this unfair stereotyping and conditioning. Authors Camille Paglia and Claire Wolfe have written in support of gun rights. Respected firearms trainer Gila Hayes at the Firearms Institute of Seattle said that, "Women are taught from childhood to fear guns and to believe they are not capable of fighting back. They are literally taught to be victims. When properly trained in gun safety and marksmanship, they realize the gun is just a tool -- one with which they can save their own lives."
    There is always much discussion in women's media about what to do when attacked. Armed self-defense is invariably discouraged. Unarmed resistance has not been very effective, so the current topic is whether a woman should ask a rapist to wear a condom. It is difficult to understand how a nation that has been heavily influenced by the feminist movement can sink to this level of collective cowardice.
In 1966 the city of Orlando responded to a wave of sexual assaults by offering firearms training classes to women. The number of rapes dropped by nearly 90%. Thanks to the efforts of the anti-self-defense movement, such an ef-fective and common sense solution to violence against women would be impossible today. No doubt the folks at HCI would rather have women ask a rapist to use a condom.
      Dr. Michael S. Brown is an optometrist in Vancouver, WA who moderates a large email list for discussion of gun issues in Washington State. He may be reached at mb@e-z.net

Letter to My Anti-Gun Friends
 By Angel Shamaya  with contributing editors
      Reprinted from the free KeepAnd-BearArms.org Email Report Inspired by This Document

 Dear Anti-Gun People,
     I am opening a dialogue with you to better comprehend your position through reviewing your responses to a few ques-tions.  After you've read my questions and the provided links, I'll answer any ques-tions you may have regarding my strong belief in the right to keep and bear  arms, and I hope you will truthfully answer the questions I pose to you below:
 1) Do you believe the government is always honest with the people?
   2) A woman who is unarmed is easy prey for an armed rapist. But there are many places in  America where a woman cannot legally carry a gun to protect her-self from attack. Do you  think it is better for a woman to be raped than to fend off a rapist in self-defense with a gun?  If so, why? If not, then do you advise women to resist armed rapists with their bare hands?
 3) Britain has effectively disarmed its citizens. Their own Olympic shooters had to ship guns  out of the country or turn them in to be destroyed. But if more gun control decreases crime,  why is Brit-ain experiencing an epidemic of gun-related violence?  (See http://www.newsunlimited.co.uk/gun)
 4) Washington, D.C. has a per cap-ita murder rate of 69 per 100,000 with the strictest gun  control laws in the country. Indianapolis, with much more gun freedom, only has 9 murders per  100,000 residents. If disarming people makes cities safer, how can this be?
 5) There are tens of thousands of cases of people getting no response from the 911  system--including scores of cases where people were still wounded or killed after having dialed 911. If a criminal is already inside your house, garage, or car, is dialing 911 really the most effective way of immediately dealing with the situation?  (See http://www.channel2000.com/news/stories/news-970713-

 6) Police also have no legal re-quirement to protect you when you call for help. People attacked by criminals and injured after calling police for help can-not sue in court and win. This  places the responsibility of personal protection in the hands of each individual. Does it make sense that the individual be denied the same access to tools for self-protection that police enjoy? (See http://rkba.org/research/kasler/protection and also http://dial911.itgo.com)
 7) Every national gun licensing and registration in history has led to confisca-tion. Gun registration has already led to confiscation in New York and California. (http://www.sierratimes.com/arjj020700.htm) If you support gun registration in America, would  you please explain how having their guns registered helped the citizens in China, Nazi Germany, Cam-bodia, the Soviet Union, or Uganda? Do you think gun registration was beneficial  to the Jews in Germany, the Cambodians under Pol Pot, or the Chinese under Mao Tse Tung? (See http://www.jpfo.org/L-laws.htm.)
 8) Why are the media and the gov-ernment working in unison to disarm America when the most in-depth scien-tific studies on the subject of private gun ownership shows that more guns in the hands of citizens REDUCES violent crime? (See  http://www.reasonmag.com/0001/fe.js.cold.html) What agenda for the US do they have planned that requires disarming the citizens of our country?
 9) Criminals get guns, knives, and bludgeons any time they wish, and they disobey whatever laws they wish--including laws against robbery, rape, and murder. Why would you want to  make law-abiding citizens easier prey by taking away their guns? (See http://www.the-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/2000/01/16/

 10) We rarely see both sides of the gun debate issue on national television. Why is that? It has already been proven by the most in-depth scientific study on the subject of guns and crime that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens means less crime.
 11) The ACLU and most Americans think a door-to-door search for drugs is a gross violation of civil rights. Many gun banners would like to see door-to-door confiscation of guns. Are you willing to have Your Home searched for guns (or anything else) any time the government  wishes to do so?
 12) Every year Americans citizens legally kill 3-5 times as many criminals as are killed by all the law enforcement officials combined. Up to 2 1/2 million times a year, citizens use guns to legally thwart crime--usually when they are the intended victims. If citizens are disarmed,
 these intended victims will be defense-less against armed criminals. Are you saying that millions of Americans each year should have no right to stop crimi-nals who are victimizing them? Would you prefer to give many more criminals the ability to succeed each year?
 13) Today, many men and women have reason to believe that the Federal government is intent on disarming the American people as a means to signifi-cantly greater control--the way citizens in disarmed China, Germany, the Soviet Union and Cuba are controlled. If these people are right, does this concern you?
 14) For every law enforcement offi-cer there are 360-450 citizens in Amer-ica. (600,000/750,000 to 270,000,000) Do you believe each law enforcement of-ficer can protect 360-450 people from violent criminals?
 15) When they express anger, law-abiding gun owners are presented as "ex-tremists" in today's media. American public servants surrounded by armed bodyguards and/or living in neighbor-hoods with private security are telling law-abiding citizens we cannot carry or even own (some cities/states) a gun--not even to protect ourselves and our fami-lies. Do you see the hypocrisy? Can you understand why tolerance pushed beyond a limit of fairness leads to justifiable an-ger? Can you understand why being told we cannot enjoy the same safety our  leaders enjoy invokes outrage? Is a politi-cian's life more important than your life? If so, why?
16) Mainstream media, which uses the publicly-owned electromagnetic spec-trum to broadcast, has clearly proven to be biased against guns; it is not present-ing both sides of the issue. (See http://www.keepandbeararms.org/media_bias.htm) On the other hand, http://www.citizensofamerica.org has a media program that presents the pro-gun side of the story. If you believe in "equal-ity" regarding public property, should COA be given free media time to present their case? And just why IS the media so biased in the first place? (And why might the government be anti-gun?)
17) In many areas of the nation, a woman who is being stalked by her ex-husband must wait 10 days to purchase a gun--even if her life has been threatened. Why should law-abiding people in fear of their lives wait 10 days to get a gun when criminals have no waiting periods?
18) Criminals often kill people who've already turned over their money and put up no resistance. If a woman does not resist and the criminal intends to rape her, she will be raped. Do you think the government has a right to require women to submit to rape? If so, why?
19) Are we supposed to simply Submit when confronted with an armed rapist or murderer and leave our our-selves at their mercy? If so, why? Can you see how our society would revert to  utter lawlessness if everyone agreed to simply submit to armed criminals?
20) Many anti-gun people use child gun-related accidents and/or deaths as a reason for  banning guns. Seeing that more children drown every year than are killed by guns, do you support banning swimming pools?
21) Current federal law now limits the capacity of a gun's magazine to 10 rounds. Police often empty their guns without ever stopping a criminal. If you were out alone at a roadside rest area and were approached by 3 hardened criminals with obvious intent to do you harm, would you want to be limited to only 10 rounds?
22) Cars are commonly used to commit crimes. Far more people die in cars every year than by guns--and no Constitutional Amendment guarantees our rights to own cars. Because more people die every year in cars than by guns, do you support a ban on cars?  There are also an alarming number of crimes committed under the influence of alcohol. Would you support a ban on al-cohol considering it didn't work the last time they tried it?
23) Mayors of several cities in America are suing gun manufacturers under the guise of recovering costs of gun-related injuries which took place in their cities. Because more people are hurt or killed in cars than by guns, do you support these mayors in suing car  manu-facturers?
24) Numerous cities in America criminalize carrying guns for self-defense. These same cities make excep-tions for people carrying money and jew-els. Do you agree that money and jewels  are more important to protect than peo-ple's lives?
25) The National Guard is paid by the Federal government, occupies prop-erty leased to the Federal government, uses weapons owned by the Federal gov-ernment, and punishes trespassers under Federal law. Do you truly believe the Na-tional Guard is a State agency?
26) The National Guard is also what is commonly called the modern-day militia in anti-gun propaganda as a way of trying to deal with the Second Amendment. If the Constitution was re-ferring to the National Guard with the term "militia," how can we account for the fact that the Second Amendment was ratified in 1787--while the National Guard was created by an act of Congress in 1903?
27) The FBI and ATF (agencies of the Federal government) gunned down 81 innocent women and children and burned most of the evidence down to the ground in Waco and have withheld evidence which would (and still may) convict them of wrongdoing. They murdered Randy Weaver's wife. The police and other state agencies shot to death Donald Scott in a bogus drug raid in California. Why would you trust these government agencies with fully automatic weapons but not trust a law-abiding individual with a simple self-defense handgun?
28) The law-abiding gun owners of today are presented as "gun nuts, ex-tremists, militia fanatics, and killers" in the communications media. Is it possible they are depicted this way to sway public opinion toward disliking guns? If so, why would the media and the anti-gun politi-cians do that? How is this different from the way the news organs of Nazi Ger-many, China, the Soviet Union, Cambo-dia, and Cuba propagandized against the segments of their societies that opposed complete state control?
29) Many documented statements by anti-gun groups claim that the Second Amendment refers to the power of the States to keep and bear arms. In other sections of the Constitution, we find the following: "the right of the PEOPLE to peaceably assemble," the "right of the PEOPLE to be secure in their homes," "enumeration here of certain rights shall not be construed to disparage others re-tained by the PEOPLE," and "the powers not delegated herein are reserved to the states respectively, and to the PEOPLE." Do you honestly believe "the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms" refers to the States but excludes Individuals?
30) Handguns are the cheapest, lightest, most portable, easiest-to-use, and most effective means of self-defense. This is why they are used by police officers. Denying people the right to use this tool leaves them defenseless against criminals on the street. Why do you advocate that law-abiding people not be allowed to pro-tect themselves with the best means of self-defense available?
     31) The Federal government and the United Nations(See http://www.world     netdaily.com/bluesky_enews/19991207 xex_un_coming_yo.shtml) have been working in unison for years to systemati-cally disarm American citizens. Is it even remotely possible that the government has something planned that so many Americans would be against that it is critical that they disarm us? If so, do you see that supporting their disarmament plans could be working against the American citizens committed to preserv-ing freedom?
I do appreciate your thoughts on these matters and look forward to your reply. I am committed to answering every question you send me by giving each one careful attention and a thorough, intelli-gent reply as soon as possible. If you pose a question I cannot intelligently address, I will seek out an answer until I can.
 Angel Shamaya


Dirty Little Secret of the Gun Control Lobby

Dr. Michael S. Brown         April 5, 2000

The media is filled with stories in-tended to convince us that we need more gun laws, but one critical fact is being ig-nored. Gun control doesn't work and the evidence is undeniable.
       During the twentieth century, three major cities in the United States enacted extremely tough gun laws. New York, Washington and Chicago gradually tight-ened their laws to the point that for all practical purposes, guns were outlawed.
       These laws were rigorously enforced. Homeowners and shopkeepers who kept guns for defense were heavily fined when       police found their illicit weapons. Only celebrities, politicians and political con-tributors were able to obtain permits to own weapons legally. Even allowing for the fact that guns could still be smuggled  in from surrounding areas, one could rea-sonably assume that these laws had at least a small effect on reducing crime.
       How much was crime reduced? It wasn't. In fact, crime of all types, espe-cially gun crimes, increased dramatically each time a new law was passed. Only the boom economy of the 1990's combined with locking up a greater percentage of convicted criminals have had a positive effect in recent years.
       The British experience with gun con-trol is similar. As gun laws were gradu-ally tightened, crime went up. British newspapers say that large numbers of high quality weapons are being smuggled in from Eastern Europe to meet the de-mand and criminals are better armed       than at any time in the past. Analysts now say that the overall crime rate in Britain is roughly similar to the U.S. and still rising, while crime here is falling de-spite the annual purchase of millions of new  guns by law abiding citizens.
       Australia has not benefited from its expensive and divisive gun confiscation. Some observers say that crime has gone up. Canada's  new gun registry is mired in bureaucratic inefficiency and bedeviled
by civil disobedience. Several provinces are battling the federal government over the issue in the Supreme Court.
       The dismal failure of gun control laws is quite logically explained by       numerous scholars who have researched the question, including John Lott, Gary Kleck, Don Kates and David Kopel. They say that you can never effectively keep guns out of the hands of criminals,       because it takes so few guns to meet their needs. That need will always be met by black markets and smuggling.
       To make matters worse, gun control efforts interfere with self-defense by law abiding citizens, making life easier for the crooks. Even if very strict laws do keep some guns away from lawbreakers, they will gladly substitute cheaper weap-ons against the now disarmed citizenry, decreasing their cost of doing business.
       Minor gun control laws, such as those that require guns to be stored  in a way that inhibits quick access, probably have a small negative effect. Since guns are used to prevent crime much more of-ten than they are used to commit crime, anything that reduces access by lawful citizens will tip the balance towards more crime.
       The gun control lobby makes fre-quent use of statistics which simply       tell us that guns are dangerous. We knew that already. What we really want to know is how well the various proposed gun control laws would work, but re-search predicting success for any likely gun  law is nonexistent.
       Aren't people curious about the lack of evidence to support new laws? Why is the failure of past gun laws ignored while more of the same type is so passionately promoted? There are no statistics or       scholarly essays to explain the continued push for more laws, but we can imagine some possibilities.
       Politicians love the issue, because they can engage in their favorite sport of grandstanding while appearing sympa-thetic to public concerns about crime. Highly politicized police chiefs know that
defenseless, unarmed citizens are more likely to support larger law enforcement budgets and expanded police powers.
Soft hearted individuals don't like to blame violence on violent people. It is much easier to blame inanimate objects.
  Many journalists support more gun laws because they don't personally know any responsible gun owners. In their ur-ban world, only cops and criminals ap-pear to have guns. This effects the way that gun stories are covered, so people who rely on the media for their informa-tion don't know that guns in civilian hands reduce crime.
       The media bias against guns by the national television networks was impres-sively documented in a study by the Me-dia Research Center released in January. They found news stories advocating more gun control outnumbered those advocat-ing less gun control by a 10 to 1 ratio.
       David Kopel pointed out an interest-ing fact in the April 17th issue of Na-tional Review. He notes that the gun con-trol lobby does not care when the facts don't match their ideology. They simply lie, a fact that is obvious to anyone with enough ambition to check the sources of their propaganda statements. Unfortu-nately, many people accept those false factoids at face value.
       These are a few possible explana-tions for this strange state of affairs, but in the final analysis it might be due to simple intellectual laziness. It is easy to accept the seductive promise of gun con-trol. It takes a little more effort to under-stand the facts.
       Great American Gun Debate: Essays on Firearms & Violence by  Don B. Kates, Jr.
       Killings Rise as 3m Guns Flood Britain London Times
       All the Way Down the Slippery Slope: Gun Prohibition in England by David B. Kopel and Joseph E. Olson
       More Guns, Less Crime by John R. Lott, Jr.
       The Value of Civilian Handgun Pos-session as a Deterrent to Crime or a De-fense Against Crime by Don B. Kates, Jr.
       Crime and Justice in the United States and in England and Wales by       Patrick A. Langan and David P. Farring-ton----------------------------------------------
       Are Gun Control Laws Discrimina-tory? by Markus Funk -----------------------
       Dr. Michael S. Brown is an optome-trist in Vancouver, WA who moderates a large email list for discussion of gun is-sues in Washington State. He may be reached at mb@e-z.net

The American Coalition Of Working Criminal Stand United
To Ban All Firearms From Citizens Ownership “Unanimous Position Of Membership”
1. Under the concept of "Unlimited Majority Rule", and "The Greatest Good For The Greatest Number", our members came to the unanimous decision that the greatest good for the greatest number would obtain for the hard working mem-bers of our chosen profession, to initiate and support all legislative efforts by our brother members in Government at the City, County, State and Federal levels of Government to BAN, PROHIBIT, OUT-LAW, the private ownership of firearms by the citizens of this country.
2. Firearms in the hands of the citi-zens of this country have prevented us from realizing the full extent of our cho-sen professional capabilities.
3. Firearms in the hands of citizens have resulted in the apprehension, wounding, incarceration and even killing of our members only trying to do their chosen jobs.
4. Firearms are a threat and menace to our members at every level. Unlike Government, when we pursue our life work to rob, rape and murder, we do not promise you that we will redistribute the amounts we obtain to the poor, the sick or for noble glorious purposes. We are more honest in that respect.
5. When law abiding citizens and others in our country turn in their fire-arms, ONLY OUR MEMBERS AND THE POLICE WILL HAVE GUNS. Think about that for a few minutes. Think how much safer you will make it for our membership.
6. Since there can never be enough police to protect the citizens, we will have open season on the disarmed populace and our incomes will substantially in-crease such that our minority membership may enjoy a more fruitful life style.
7. Your act to support legislation to disarm the citizens will improve our effi-ciency and make possible earlier retire-ment for our members.
8. We demand protection from gun-carrying citizens in this country. We demand fairness and equal consideration of our professional self-chosen lifestyle and goals..
9.  Keep in mind that our members not only remove millions of dollars from individuals who are careless and not de-serving, we also invest substantially in the local and international economies.
We are enormously successfully in Import/Export programs thanks to the DEA and other agencies of Government who have reduced supply, and driven up demand such that our products command higher prices and drive clients with lim-ited resources to join our membership where they can earn virtually unlimited income to support their needs.
10. We are opposed to any rule, regu-lation, or law which seeks to create im-pediments to our chosen goals. Although we consider all such opposition to be un-constitutional and in restraint of free trade and industry, and ignore them--we need your help to pass laws which help us achieve our objectives. It is the American way!
11. Laws to prohibit weapons for citizen ownership help our cause. Since we acquire our weapons as a product of our work efforts (robbing, manufacturing in prisons, smuggling), or make our own weapons when necessity demands, the laws only restrict those who would initi-ate the use of force against us during a confrontation. Our safety requires laws with stringent penalties against those who would restrict our efforts to make a living at our chosen profession.
12. We are equal opportunity em-ployers. We do not discriminate against anyone based on color, ethnic origin or other factors. We treat our members ac-cording to our code.
13. We feel compelled to thank those in Government who have carried the torch for Gun Control In America, with special thanks to the hero of Chap-paquidic, Teddy Kennedy (Senator US), to David Roberti, Mike Roos, Rev. Jack-son, Alan Cranston, Carl Rowan and the multitudes of those at all levels of gov-ernment and their friends in the anti-gun Gun Control lobby for their diligent ef-forts to make it safe for our membership to operate without resistance in America.
We thank and bless them all. Lets face it-God is on our side. We are winning! Those representatives in Government of-fice who daily violate their oath in office "to uphold and defend the constitution of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic", are our friends and sup-porters and a great many of them are staunch members of our society.
Throughout the history of the world, these kind of people have made it possi-ble for us to survive and indeed gain great wealth and power.
14. Give us your support and we will assure each and every one of you that we will endeavor to visit you at sometime in the future to speak to you about your wal-let, your property, your car, your daughter or anything else you may want to contrib-ute to our cause. We may not reach every citizen, however with the help of the American media WE WILL TRY. As you turn in your firearms, our power grows exponentially. Confiscate all firearms and we can operate more efficiently.
15. Support all efforts to ban, pro-hibit, remove, destroy firearms with total disarmament of the citizens of our great country NOW. Our future prosperity de-pends on you. On behalf of our total membership, we thank you doing the right thing.
Nearly 1,000,000 private citizens used firearms against us in 1996 causing great damage to our membership with many deaths, incarceration and reduction of earnings for our membership.

Suggest everyone send a copy to every member of congress!!!

Feds Threaten To Take Over Ohio Police Department

LEAA Special Report:
Could Your Town Be Next?
The following is part of a special in-vestigation by LEAA into the ever-expanding role the Clinton/Gore Justice Department is taking in controlling local law enforcement. Stay tuned for contin-ued coverage of this issue on a weekly ba-sis. More information will also be pub-lished in the next edition of LEAA's magazine, SHIELD. Additionally, LEAA is sharing information with Calibre Press' Street Survival Newsline who are helping bring this important news to law en-forcement officers across the country).
A legal battle is now being waged in U.S. District Court in Columbus, Ohio, pitting the legal weight and limitless fi-nancial resources of the U.S. Justice De-partment against that town's right to con-trol its own police department. At stake is no less than the fate of local agencies eve-rywhere to control their own destinies versus an emerging pattern by the Clin-ton Justice Department aimed at federal-izing municipal police departments.
Unfortunately, Columbus isn't the first victim. Already federal takeovers of departmental policy have occurred in Steubenville, Ohio, and in Pittsburgh, Penn. The police administrators in these two cities were, more or less, forced to sign consent decrees admitting their de-partments had participated in a pattern of civil rights violations and therefore needed the federal government to come in and run all future operations. What sets Columbus apart, what makes them differ-ent from these other two cities which ac-quiesced, is that this municipality has a contract with the local police union and can't make a deal with the devil without approval of FOP members-and thankfully they're fighting. The city's 30-year history of collective bargaining with rank-and-file legally forbids the city from exposing its officers to many of the changes de-manded by the DOJ.
Therefore, since Columbus and the police union have decided not to sign the consent decree, the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the city to re-coup all federal grant money awarded over the years. Some would call this ex-tortion. Bill Capretta, president of the Capitol City Lodge No. 9 of the Fraternal Order of Police in Columbus, says the lawsuit is the "latest step in a Justice De-partment campaign to impose federal (law enforcement) standards on police departments nationwide."
Alleging a "pattern of civil rights abuses" by the Columbus police depart-ment, DOJ attorneys filed their suit on October 21 forcing Columbus to let the federal government implement their pol-icy changes in the city's police depart-ment, which would include training and staffing reforms as well as new discipli-nary and reporting procedures. The suit was apparently the culmination of a two-year investigation.
What's worse is that the city of Co-lumbus and DOJ were negotiating for more than a year about the proposed con-sent decree, more or less behind closed doors, and the FOP was barred from at-tending or commenting on those proceed-ings. Just this past summer, the police union and its officer-members were noti-fied that the federal takeover of the de-partment was underway.
Further proof of the Justice Depart-ment's arrogant and dismissive attitude toward officers' participation in determin-ing their own fate, is in the request made by DOJ to the presiding court to postpone deliberation on the suit until December 20, 1999. Police observers believe that date was selected as a blatant move to deny officers a role in the court proceed-ings since it comes one week after the ex-piration of the FOP contract with the city of Columbus, and therefore the union maybe precluded from having a say in the
Nonetheless, officers in Columbus are demanding to be heard. Shortly after the DOJ filed suit against the city (when the city failed to concede), the FOP filed a 19-page motion asking U.S. Judge John D. Holschuh to include the organization as a defendant in the DOJ lawsuit. FOP President Capretta claimed in the motion that the union is best able to defend itself and rank-and-file officers against the fed-eral claims and protect their reputations, because the city has its own separate in-terests to look out for.
To Be Continued...

American Derringer Stance

This year is dedicated to our country, remembering prominent leaders who helped make our country the greatest in the world!
During the War of 1812, the British captured the city of Washington, setting fire to the capitol building and the White  House. In the blaze of cannon fire, Fran-cis Scott Key, a lawyer  living in George-town could still see an American flag waving over Fort McHenry. When the bombing suddenly stopped during the night he had no way of knowing if the flag was still there or if the American stronghold had fallen to the British. But  at dawn the American flag became visi-ble, still intact over the  fort.
A plaque hanging over Elizabeth Saunders' desk For Immediate Release March 24, 2000 For More Information: Elizabeth Saunders - 254-799-9111
On March 17, Smith & Wesson, once a great American company, signed an agreement with the Clinton Admini-stration and the mayors that have been il-legally suing the firearms industry in a scheme to subvert our Constitutional sys-tem of government and enact law without lawmakers. Up until that day, the indus-try had held firm against this onslaught and this attack on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We had resolved to not sub-mit to these acts of tyranny.
Sadly, one of us has chosen to sur-render their rights, my rights and, to an extent your rights. We here at American Derringer will never sign onto any agreement that takes away the rights of others, and certainly not to an agreement as one-sided as this one is. What makes this all the sadder is that the company that surrendered our rights isn't even an American company. It is the British firm Tomkins, PLC, desperate to sell S&W, that agreed with the state-ists on Friday. "In all the years I have been in business, I have never seen anything so blatantly un-American as that agreement," reacted Elizabeth Saunders, American Derringer CEO after reviewing the entire 24 page document. "The establishment of a gov-ernment oversight commission with vir-tually unlimited authority and no ac-countability is in itself a violation of the basic American concept of free enter-prise. No reasonable business person could possibly sign this thing."
The fact that these politicians have illegally used our courts as bully-bats to try to force us to either capitulate to their demands or be driven to bankruptcy is what is most infuriating. Time and again they have gone to the people's elected representatives with their false promise of less crime through the persecution of law abiding gun owners.
 And each time, the people's repre-sentatives at virtually every level have re-jected their schemes.
So they decided to leave the people out of it. Obviously the people weren't having any of it.
So they pulled their attorneys out of their bag of tricks and unleashed an un-precedented, and certainly illegal barrage of frivolous lawsuits at a perfectly lawful industry blaming us for the acts of crimi-nals. They seek no money in these law-suits. They seek exactly what they got from Smith & Wesson. Regulation with no law behind it.
American Derringer condemns this action, and calls upon all of those mayors to drop their attorneys and to start pick-ing up the criminals and putting them in prison and off our streets. The woeful re-cord of this administration when it comes to prosecuting federal firearms law viola-tions speaks for itself. And these are the same laws they demanded and got.
"Now the Clinton administration and these mayors have a plan to somehow consolidate the purchasing efforts of the thousands of law enforcement agencies and use that purchasing power as a bludgeon to try to get more companies to sign on to their agreement. I call that ex-tortion," Saunders commented. "That is the depth to which they have sunk in their desperation. They are willing to sac-rifice the safety of law enforcement offi-cers by forcing them to only buy from signers of the agreement."
We resent the continued implication that we in the firearms industry and that the lawful firearms owners in this nation are somehow responsible for the level of violent crime that we face. We resent the continued vilification of guns and fire-arms enthusiasts by the president and his minions. We resent the manipulated and twisted statistics being doled out and de-mand that the real numbers and real facts be presented to the American people.
Most of all, we are angered by the as-sault on our Constitutional rights by these people. Their claim that the settlement by just one of the many companies in this industry justifies their actions Their claim does not ring true. No other company in this industry has even given this agree-ment a second look. We certainly won't.
 American Derringer will always support and defend the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms and the right to protect family and home.

1997 American Derringer Corp.

The Clinton And Wesson Sell-Out Agreement

The manufacturer parties to the Agreement and the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the undersigned state, city and county parties to the Agreement enter into this Agreement to reduce the criminal misuse of firearms, combat the illegal acquisition, possession and trafficking of firearms, reduce the in-cidence of firearms accidents, and educate the public on the safe handling and stor-age of firearms. Furthermore, the manu-facturer parties to the Agreement enter into this Agreement as continuation of their efforts to make their firearms as safe as practicable for their customers and the public. Accordingly, in consideration of the commitments set forth below:
1. The undersigned state, city,  and      county parties to the Agreement dismiss the manufacturer parties to the Agree-ment with prejudice from the lawsuits specified in Appendix A subject to any consent orders entered pursuant to para-graph VIII; and
2. The undersigned state, city and fed-eral parties to the Agreement agree to re-frain from filing suit against the manufac-turer parties to the Agreement on an equiva-lent cause of action.
The parties agree that this Agree-ment constitutes the full and complete settlement of any and all claims that were raised or  could have been raised in the subject litigation. The parties agree fur-ther that this Agreement does not consti-tute an admission of any violation of law, rule or regulation by the manufacturer parties to the Agreement, or any of their employees. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to be an admission of liability. The adoption of standards for firearms design and distribution in this Agreement shall not be construed as an admission by the manufacturer parties to the Agreement that practices they en-gaged in prior to the execution of this Agreement were negligent.

I. Safety and design.
A. Each firearm make and model  sold by each manufacturer party to this      Agreement shall be tested by ATF or an agreed upon proofing entity against      the following standards. Existing makes and models shall meet these standards      within 60 days of execution of this Agreement unless a longer period is      specified in the standard. New makes and models shall not be manufactured and sold after the execution of this Agreement unless they conform to these standards.
1. Standards applicable to all hand-guns:
a. Second "hidden" serial number. The gun must have both a visible serial number on the exterior of the frame or receiver, as well as a second serial num-ber hidden on the interior of frame or re-ceiver (e.g., under the grips) or visible only with the aid of an optical                instrument.
b. External locking device. As an in-terim measure, until the implementation of I.A.I.C., within 60 days of execution of the Agreement, each firearm shall be               supplied with an external locking device that effectively prevents the operation of the firearm when locked.
c. Internal locking device. Within 24 months of execution of the Agreement, each firearm shall be a built-in, on-board locking system, by which the firearm                can only be operated with a key or com-bination or other mechanism unique to that gun.
d. Authorized user technology. The manufacturer parties to this Agreement shall each commit two percent of annual firearms sales revenues to the develop-ment of a technology that recognizes only
authorized users and permits a gun to be used only by authorized persons. Within 36 months of the date of execution of this Agreement, this technology shall be                incorporated in all new firearm designs, with the exception of curios and collec-tors' firearms. This requirement does not apply to existing designs currently in production.
If the eight firearms and/or importers with the largest United States firearms  sales volume agree to incorporate author-ized user technology in all firearms, the                     manufacturer parties to this Agreement                     will incorporate authorized user technol-ogy in all firearms.
e. Child safety. Within 12 months of execution of the Agreement, each firearm shall be designed so that it cannot be readily operated by a child under the age of 6. Such mechanisms include: making the trigger pull resistance at least ten pounds in the double action mode; or de-signing the firing mechanism so that an                average five year-old's hands would be too small to operate the gun; or requiring multiple, sequenced actions in order to fire the gun.
f. Minimum barrel length. Each fire-arm make and model must have a barrel length of at least 3", unless it has an av-erage group diameter test result of 1.7" or
less at seven yards, 3.9" or less at 14 yards, and 6.3" or less at 21 yards. The average group diameter test result is the arithmetic mean of the results of three               separate trials, each performed on a dif-ferent sample firearm of the make and model at issue. For each trial, the firearm shall fire five rounds at a target from the                specified distance and the largest spread in inches between the center of any of the holes made in a test target shall be the re-sult of the trial.
g. Performance test: A sample of each firearm make and model will be test-fired with "proof cartridges" (car-tridges loaded to generate excess pressure as set forth in accepted specifications for proof cartridges) to ensure the integrity of the material. At least one cartridge shall be fired from each chamber. Following this test firing, the firearm will be exam-ined for hairline cracks or other signs of material failure and will pass this test only if there are no hairline cracks or other signs of material failure. Each fire-arm make and model shall also pass the following performance test: the gun shall  fire 600 rounds, stopping only every 100 rounds to tighten any loose screws and to clean the gun (if required by the cleaning schedule recommended in the manual), or as needed to refill the empty magazine or cylinder to capacity before continuing. For any gun that loads other than with a detachable magazine, the tester shall pause every 50 rounds for ten minutes. The tester shall use the ammunition rec-ommended in the user's manual, or if none is recommended, any standard am-munition of the correct caliber in new condition. A gun shall pass this test if it fires the first 20 rounds without a mal-function and the full 600 rounds with no more than 6 malfunctions and without any crack or breakage of an operating part of the gun that increases the danger of injury. Malfunctions caused by failure to clean and lubricate, or by defective ammunition, shall not be counted.
h. Drop test. Pass the more rigorous of: (a) the SAAMI Standard drop test in effect on the date the firearm is sold; or (b) the following test: The gun shall                be test-loaded, set such that it is ready to fire and dropped onto a steel plate or equivalent material of similar hardness from a height of one meter from each                of the following positions: (1) normal fir-ing position; (2) upside down; (3) on the grip; (4) on the muzzle; (5) on either side; and (6) on the exposed hammer or striker (or, if no exposed hammer or striker, on the rearmost part of the gun). If the gun is so designed so that its                hammer or striker may be set in other po-sitions, it shall be tested with the hammer or striker in each such position (but oth-erwise ready to fire).
2. Additional standards for pistols:
a. Safety device. The pistol must have a positive manually operated safety device as determined by standards relat-ing to imported guns promulgated by                ATF.
 b. Minimum length and height stan-dards. The pistol's combined length and height must not be less than 10" with the height being at least 4" and the length be-ing at least 6", unless it has an average                group diameter test result of 1.7" or less at seven yards, 3.9" or less at 14 yards, and 6.3" or less at 21 yards. The average group diameter test result is the arithme-tic mean of the results of three separate trials, each performed on a different sam-ple firearm of the make and model at is-sue. For each trial, the firearm shall fire five rounds at a target from the specified                distance and the largest spread in inches between the center of any of the holes made in a test target shall be the result of the trial.
c. Magazine disconnector. Within 12 months of execution of the Agreement, each pistol shall have a magazine discon-nector available for those customers                who desire the feature.
d. Chamber load indicator. Within 12 months of the execution of the Agree-ment, each pistol shall have a chamber load indicator painted in a prominent,         contrasting color or a feature that allows the operator physically to see the round in the chamber.
e. Large capacity magazines. No pis-tol make or model designed after January 1, 2000 shall be able to accept magazines manufactured prior to September 14,                1994, with a greater than 10 round capac-ity, and such models shall not be capable of being easily modified to accept such magazines. Nor shall ammunition maga-zines that are able to accept more than 10 rounds be sold by the manufacturer par-ties to this Agreement or their authorized dealers and distributors. See Part                II.A.1.h., below.
f. Additional safety features. Each Pistol must have a firing pin block or lock.
 3. Additional standard for revolvers. Each revolver make and model must pass a safety test. Each make and model must have a safety feature which automatically (for a double action revolver) or by man-ual operation (for a single action re-volver) causes the hammer to retract to a point where the firing pin does not rest upon the primer of the cartridge. The safety device must withstand the impact of a weight equal to the weight of the re-volver dropping from a distance of 1 me-ter in a line parallel to the barrel upon the rear of the hammer spur, a total of 5 times.
B. Law enforcement and military ex-ception. An exception to a requirement of paragraph A may be granted for firearms manufactured or imported for sale to a law enforcement agency or the military if the law enforcement agency or military organization certifies to the manufacturer party to this Agreement that the excep-tion is necessary for official purposes. Where a law enforcement agency author-izes or requires its officers to purchase      firearms individually for official use, an appropriate certification from the agency will be permitted to apply to sales to a number of individual officers. The manu-facturer party to this Agreement shall maintain the certification in its records and provide a copy of the Oversight Commission. Firearms sold to law en-forcement or the military pursuant to this exception, which do not comply with the design standards of this Agreement, will be accompanied by a statement:
1. "On [date], [manufacturer parties to this Agreement] and [governmental parties to this Agreement] entered into an
Agreement establishing certain design standards for firearms sold to civilians. Pursuant to that Agreement, we are obliged to inform you that this firearm does not comply with all of the design           standards of the Agreement. We are fur-ther obliged to request that you not resell this firearms to civilians. This statement is not intended to suggest that there are any design flaws with this firearm, and you remain entitled to dispose of it in any lawful manner."
 C. Warnings about safe storage and handling. Within 6 months of execution of this Agreement, manufacturer parties to this Agreement shall include in the packaging of each firearm sold a warning on risk of firearms in the home and proper home storage. At a minimum, these warnings shall state in 14 point type, bold face:
"This handgun is not equipped with a device that fully blocks use by unau-thorized users. More than 200,000 fire-arms like this one are stolen from their owners every year in the United States. In addition, there are more than a thousand suicides each year by younger children and teenagers who get access to firearms. Hundreds more die from accidental dis-charge. It is likely that many more chil-dren sustain serious wounds, or inflict such wounds accidentally on others. In order to limit the chance of such misuse, it is imperative that you keep this weapon locked in a secure place and take other steps necessary to limit the possibility of theft or accident. Failure to take reason-able preventative steps may result in in-nocent lives being lost, and in some cir-cumstances may result in your liability for these deaths”.
D. Illegal firearms. The manufac-turer parties to this Agreement shall not      sell firearms that can be readily converted to an illegal firearm, that is, a weapon de-signed in a manner so that with few addi-tional parts and/or minimal modifications an owner can convert the firearm to an il-legal fully automatic weapon; nor shall the firearms be designed so that they are resistant to fingerprints.
II. Sales and distribution.
In addition to complying with spe-cific terms, the manufacturer parties to this Agreement will agree for themselves and as part of any distribution or agency agreement that they, and their authorized distributors and authorized dealers, in-cluding franchisees, shall commit to a standard of conduct to make every effort to eliminate sales of firearms that might lead to illegal firearm possession and/or misuse by criminals, unauthorized juve-niles, and other prohibited persons ("sus-pect firearms sales"). Suspect firearm sales include sales made to straw pur-chasers, multiple sales of handguns with-out reasonable explanation (excluding sales to FFL’s), and sales made to any purchaser without a completed back-ground check.
As specified in Part II.A.2 below, the manufacturer parties to this Agreement will take action against dealers and dis-tributors that violate these requirements if the manufacturers receive actual notice of such a violation.
A. Authorized distributors and deal-ers.
1. The manufacturer parties to this Agreement may sell only to authorized distributors and authorized dealers. In or-der to qualify to become an authorized distributor or authorized dealer, the           distributor or dealer must agree in writing to:
a. Possess a valid and current federal firearms license, and all other licenses and permits required by local, state or federal law, and certify on an annual ba-sis, under penalty of perjury, compliance with all local, state and federal firearms laws.
b. Execute in the presence of the pur-chaser the following elements of all fire-arms transactions at the premises listed on its federal firearms license: completion of the forms and related requirements           under the Brady Act and the Gun Control Act and physical transfer of the firearm.
c. Where available, carry insurance coverage against liability for damage to property and for injury to or death of any person as a result of the sale, lease, or transfer or a firearm in amounts appro-priate to its level of sales, but at a mini-mum no less than $1 million for each in-cident of damage, injury or death.
d. Make no sales at gun shows unless all sales by any seller at the gun show are conducted only upon completion of a background check.
e. Within 24 months of the date of execution of this Agreement, maintain an inventory tracking plan for the products of the manufacturer parties to this Agreement that includes at a minimum           the following elements:
(1) Electronic recording of the make, model, caliber or gauge, and serial num-ber of all firearms that are acquired no later than one business day after their               acquisition and electronic recording of their disposition no later than one busi-ness day after their disposition. Monthly backups of these records shall be main-tained in a secure container designed to prevent loss by fire, theft, or other mis-hap.
(2) All firearms acquired but not yet disposed of must be accounted for through an electronic inventory check                prepared once each month and main-tained in a secure location.
(3) For authorized dealers and fran-chisees, all ATF Form 4473 firearm transaction records shall be retained on the dealer's business premises in a secure                container designated to prevent loss by fire, theft, or other mishap.
(4) If an audit of a distributor's or dealer's inventory reveals any firearms not accounted for, the distributor                or dealer shall be subject to sanctions, in-cluding termination as an authorized dis-tributor or dealer.
f. Implement a security plan for se-curing firearms, including firearms in shipment. The plan must satisfy at least the following requirements:
(1) Display cases shall be locked at all times except when removing a single firearm to show a customer, and custom-ers shall handle firearms only under the                direct supervision of an employee;
(2) All firearms shall be secured, other than during business hours, in a locked fireproof safe or vault in the licen-see's business premises or in another se-cure and locked area; and
(3) Ammunition shall be stored sepa-rately from the firearms and out of reach of the customers.
g. Require persons under 18 years of age to be accompanied by a parent or guardian when they are in portions of the premises where firearms or ammunition are stocked or sold.
h. Not sell ammunition magazines that are able to accept more than 10 rounds regardless of the date of manufac-ture, not sell any semi-automatic assault weapon as defined in 18 .S.C.921(a)(30)          regardless of the date of manufacture, provide safety locks and warnings with firearms, as specified in Section 1 above, and sell only firearms that comport with the design criteria of this Agreement.
i. Provide law enforcement, govern-ment regulators conducting compliance inspections, and the Oversight Commis-sion, for purposes of determining compli-ance with conditions imposed as a result of this Agreement, or for any other au-thorized purpose, full access to any documents related to the acquisition and disposition of firearms deemed necessary by one of those parties.
j. Participate in and comply with all monitoring of firearms distribution by manufacturers, ATF or law enforcement.
k. Maintain an electronic record of all trace requests initiated by ATF, and report those trace requests by make, model and serial number of firearm, date of trace, and date of sale to the manufac-turer of the firearm on a monthly basis, unless ATF, for investigative reasons, di-rects the licensee not to report certain traces.
l. Agree to cooperate fully in the oversight mechanism established in Sec-tion III of this Agreement, including pro-viding access to all necessary documents, and to be subject to the jurisdiction of the           court enforcing this Agreement.
m. Require all employees to attend annual training developed by manufac-turers in consultation with ATF and ap-proved by the Oversight Commission. The training shall cover at a minimum: the law governing firearms transfers by licensees and individuals; how to recog-nize straw purchasers and other attempts to purchase firearms illegally; how to rec-ognize indicators that firearms may be           diverted for later sale or transfer to those not legally entitled to purchase them; how to respond to those attempts; and the safe           handling and storage of firearms. New employees will receive training on the above topics, based on materials devel-oped for the annual training, before han-dling or selling firearms and shall attend           annual training thereafter. Such training may be delivered by electronic medium. Within 12 months of the date of execu-tion of this Agreement and annually thereafter, the manufacturer parties to this Agreement will obtain from all au-thorized dealers and distributors certifica-tions that such training has been com-pleted, with a list of the names of all trained employees.
n. Require all employees to pass a comprehensive written exam, which shall be developed by the manufacturers in consultation with ATF and approved by the Oversight Commission, on the mate-rial covered in the training before being allowed to sell or handle firearms. Any employee who fails to pass the exam shall be prohibited from selling or handling firearms on behalf of the distributor or dealer. The annual certification discussed in II.A.l.m., above, will include certifica-tion that all employees have passed the exam.
o. Not complete any transfer of a firearm prior to receiving notice from the NICS that the transferee is not a prohib-ited person under the Gun Control Act.
p. Verify the validity of a licensee's federal firearms license against an ATF database before transferring a firearm to that licensee.
q. Forgo any transfer of a firearm to a licensee if the dealer or distributor knows the licensee to be under indictment for violations of the Gun Control Act or any violent felony or serious drug  offense as defined in 18 U.S.C. 924(e)(2).
r. Transfer firearms only:
(1) To individuals who have demon-strated that they can safely handle and store firearms through completion of a certified firearms safety training course or by having passed a certified firearms safety examination.
(2) After demonstrating to the pur-chaser how to load, unload, and safely store the firearm, and how to engage and disengage all safety devices on the fire-arm.
(3) After providing the purchaser with a copy of the ATF Disposition of Firearms Notice.
(4) After obtaining the purchaser's signature on a form certifying that the purchaser has received the instruction de-scribed in subparagraph (2) and the no-tice described in subparagraph (3) and maintaining that form in its files.
(5) After providing the purchaser with a written record of the make, model, caliber or gauge, and serial number of each firearm transferred to enable the purchaser to accurately describe the fire-arm to law enforcement in the event that it is subsequently lost or stolen.
2. The manufacturer parties to the Agreement shall incorporate into any dis-tribution or agency agreement with their authorized distributors and authorized dealers, including franchisees, procedures for terminating distributors, dealers or franchisees that engage in conduct in vio-lation of this Agreement. Distributors and          dealers shall agree to this enforcement system as a condition of becoming au-thorized. The manufacturer parties to this Agreement shall require annual certifica-tion by their authorized dealers and           distributors that they are in compliance with the requirements in II.A.1(a-r) of this Agreement and applicable provisions of B. and C., below. If the manufacturer parties to this Agreement receive actual notice of a violation of the Agreement through their course of dealing with their authorized dealers and distributors, from ATF, state or local law enforcement, the Oversight Commission, another dealer or distributor, a customer or other credible source, the manufacturer parties to this Agreement will either immediately ter-minate sales to the dealer or distributor in violation or take the following actions. The manufacturer(s) that have authorized the dealer or distributor to sell its/their firearms will, individually or collectively, notify the dealer or distributor within seven (7) business days of learning of such violation and inform the dealer or           distributor of the breach and request in-formation regarding the breach. The dis-tributor or dealer will then have fifteen (15) days to provide the manufacturer(s) with the requested information. If the           manufacturer(s) determine that the dealer or distributor is in violation of this sec-tion of the Agreement, the manufac-turer(s) will provide no further product to the distributor or dealer until the manu-facturer(s) determine that the distributor or dealer is in compliance with the Agreement.
The manufacturer(s) shall inform the Oversight Commission and the ATF of its/their notifications and decisions and provide them with the information pro vided by the dealer or distributor. If the           Oversight Commission determines that suspension or termination of the dealer or distributor is warranted, and the manu-facturer(s) did not take this action, the Oversight Commission shall direct the           manufacturer(s) to do so.
B. Authorized distributors - addi-tional provision.
Authorized distributors must agree to sell the manufacturer's products only to other authorized distributors or author-ized dealers or directly to government purchasers.
C. Authorized dealers - additional provisions.
In addition to the requirements in section II (A)(1), authorized dealers must agree:
1. Not to sell any of the manufactur-ers' products to any federal firearms li-censee that is not an authorized distribu-tor or authorized dealer of that manufac-turer.
2. Not to engage in sales that the dealer knows or has reason to know are being made to straw purchasers.
3. To adhere to the following proce-dure for multiple handgun sales. If a pur-chaser wants to purchase more than one handgun, the purchaser may take from the dealer only one handgun on the day of sale. The dealer at that point will file a Multiple Sales Report with ATF. The purchaser may take the additional hand-guns from the dealer 14 days thereafter. This provision shall not apply to sales to qualified private security companies li-censed to do business within the State where the transfer occurs for use by the company in its security operations.
D. Manufacturers.  Each manufac-turer must:
1. Provide quarterly reports of its own sales data and downstream sales data, with the volume of sales by                make, model, caliber and gauge, to ATF's National Tracing Center.
2. Not market any firearm in a way that would make the firearm particularly appealing to juveniles or criminals, such as advertising a firearm as "fingerprint                resistant."
3. Refrain from selling any modified or sporterized semi-automatic assault pis-tol of a type that cannot be imported into the United States.
4. Reaffirm their longstanding policy and practice of not placing advertise-ments in the vicinity of schools,                high crime zones, or public housing.                5. Verify the validity of a license against an ATF database before transferring a firearm to any licensee.
6. Forgo any transfer of a firearm to a licensee if the manufacturer knows the licensee to be under indictment violations of the Gun Control Act or any violent fel-ony or serious drug offense as defined in 18 U.S.C. 924(e)(2).
7. Implement a security plan for se-curing firearms, including firearms in shipment. The plan will include the fol-lowing elements.
a. Employee and visitor movement into and out of the manufacturer's facility will be only through designated security                     control points, and visitors will be admit-ted  only after positive identification and                     confirmation of the validity of the visit.                     Employees and visitors will pass through a metal detector before leaving.
b. All areas where firearms are as-sembled and stored will be designated as restricted areas. Access will be authorized only for those employees whose work re-quires them to enter these areas or for es-corted visitors. Protective barriers will be                     installed in restricted areas to deny or                     impede unauthorized access.
c. Each facility or area where fire-arms, ammunition, or components are stored will be provided with a system to detect unauthorized entry.
d. If firearms are shipped in cartons, the cartons will bear no identifying marks or words. The manufacturer parties to this Agreement will use only very strong                     cartons to protect against concealed                     pilferage in truck shipments, and large                     cartons will be secured with steel strap-ping in two directions. The manufacturer                     parties to this Agreement will use only                     carriers and freight forwarders that war-rant in writing that they conduct criminal background checks on delivery personnel and report all thefts or losses of firearms to ATF within 48 hours of learning of the theft or loss. The manufacturer parties to this Agreement will inspect carriers' and forwarders' local facilities periodically.
8. Encourage its authorized dealers and distributors to consent to up to three unannounced ATF compliance inspec-tions each year.
E. Corporate responsibility.
If ATF or the Oversight Commission informs the manufacturer parties to this Agreement that a disproportionate num-ber of crime guns have been traced to a dealer or distributor within three years           of the gun's sale, the manufacturer(s) that have authorized the dealer or distributor to sell guns will either immediately ter-minate sales to the dealer or distributor or take the following actions. The manufac-turers will, individually or collectively, notify the dealer or distributor of the dis-proportionate number within seven (7) days and demand an explanation and proposal to avoid a disproportionate num-ber of traces in the future. The dealer or distributor will have fifteen (15) days to provide the explanation and proposal. If the manufacturer(s) determine that the           explanation and proposal are not satisfac-tory, the manufacturer(s) will terminate supplies to the dealer or distributor. If the           manufacturer(s) determine that the ex-planation and proposal are satisfactory, the manufacturer will continue supplies, but will closely monitor traces to the dealer or distributor in question. If dis-proportionate traces continue, the manu-facturer(s) will terminate supplies to the dealer or distributor.
The manufacturer(s) shall inform the Oversight Commission and ATF of its/their notifications and decisions and provide them with the information pro vided by the dealer or distributor. If the           Oversight Commission determines that suspension or termination of the dealer or distributor is warranted, and the manu-facturer(s) did not take this action, the Oversight Commission shall direct the           manufacturer(s) to do so.
Disproportionate number of crime guns: Upon execution of this Agreement, the Oversight Commission will convene to determine a formula to identify what constitutes a disproportionate number of           crime guns. In determining the formula, the Oversight Commission shall consider the available data and establish proce-dures to ensure that the relevant data is obtained. This provision will not take ef-fect until the Oversight Commission sets the formula and a mechanism for its im-plementation.
III. Oversight
     A. Oversight Commission.
          1. Composition. An Oversight Commission comprised of five members shall be formed. The Commission mem-bers shall serve five-year terms except for first terms as noted and shall be ap-pointed as follows:
a. Two members by the city and county parties to the Agreement. First appointees to serve two-and three-year terms, respectively.
b. One by the State parties to the Agreement. First appointee to serve a three-year term.
c. One member by the manufacturer parties to the Agreement. First appointee to serve a four-year term.
d. One selected by ATF. First ap-pointee to serve a five-year term.
2. Authority. - The Oversight Com-mission, which will operate by majority vote, will be empowered to oversee the implementation of this Agreement. Its au-thorities will include but not be limited to the authority to (1) review the findings of ATF or the proofing entity that will over-see the design and safety requirements of Part I of this Agreement, (2) maintain re-cords of firearms sold pursuant to the law enforcement exception, as set forth in art I. B. of this Agreement, (3) review the safety training materials and test set forth in Parts II.A.1.m-n of this Agreement, and (4) participate in the oversight of the distribution and sales provisions estab-lished in Part II of this Agreement, as set forth in Parts II. A. 2. and II. E.
The Oversight Commission shall have a staff, which will be entitled to in-spect participating manufacturers and their authorized dealers and distributors to ensure compliance with the Agree-ment. The costs of the Commission shall be funded by the parties to the agreement. Each manufacturer party to this Agree-ment will pay no more than $25,000 an-nually.
B. Role of ATF. - ATF will continue to issue, regulate and inspect federal fire-arms licensees, collect multiple sales forms, conduct firearms traces, investi-gate firearms traffickers and straw pur-chasers, enforce the Gun Control Act and the National Firearms Act and fulfill its other statutory responsibilities. To the ex-tent consistent with law and the effective      accomplishment of its law enforcement responsibilities, ATF will work with the      manufacturer parties to the Agreement and the Oversight Commission to assist them in meeting their obligations under the Agreement. In particular, to the ex-tent that ATF uncovers violations of the following provisions in its inspections or other contacts with federal firearms licen-sees, it will inform the Oversight Com-mission: II (A)(1)(a), (b), (e), (h), (i), (j), (k), (o), (p), and (q), (C)(2) and (D)(1) and (5). Nothing in this paragraph shall diminish the obligation of the manufac-turer parties to this Agreement to make reasonable efforts to identify noncompli-ance and respond to notifications of viola-tions from parties other than ATF.
C. Manufacturer cooperation.
1. Each manufacturer shall designate an executive level manager to serve as a compliance officer and shall provide the compliance officer with sufficient re-sources and staff to fulfill the officer's           responsibilities under this agreement.
2. The compliance officer shall be re-sponsible for
a. Ensuring that the manufacturer fulfills its obligations under this agree-ment:
b. Training the manufacturer's offi-cers and employees on the obligations imposed by this agreement; and
c. Serving as the liaison to the Over-sight Commission.
3. Each manufacturer shall commit to full cooperation in the implementation and enforcement of this Agreement.
IV. Cooperation with Law En-forcement.
A. The manufacturer parties to this Agreement reaffirm their commitment to     cooperate fully with law enforcement and regulators to eliminate illegal firearms sales and possession.
B. Within six (6) months of the ef-fective date of this Agreement, if techno-logically available, the  manufacturer par-ties to this Agreement shall fire each fire-arm before sale and enter the digital im-age of its casing along with the weapon's serial number into a system compatible with the National Integrated Ballistics Identification Network system. The digi-tal image shall be made available elec-tronically to ATF's National Tracing Center.
C. Manufacturers shall participate in ATF's Access 2000 program to facilitate      electronic linkage to their inventory sys-tem to allow for rapid responses to      ATF's firearms trace requests.
V. Legislation.
The parties to this Agreement will work together to support legislative ef-forts to reduce firearms misuse and the development of authorized user technol-ogy.
VI. Education trust fund.
Upon resolution of the current law-suits brought by cities, counties, or States, the manufacturer parties to this Agree-ment shall dedicate one percent of annual firearms revenues to a trust fund to           implement a public service campaign to inform the public about the risk of fire-arms misuse, safe storage, and the need to dispose of  firearms responsibly.
VII. Most favored entity.
If the manufacturer parties to this Agreement enter into an agreement with any other entity wherein they commit to institute design or distribution reforms that are more expansive than any of  the above-enumerated items, such reforms will become a part of this Agreement as well.
In addition, if firearms manufactur-ers that are not party to this Agreement agree to design or distribution reforms that are more expansive than any of the above-enumerated items, and if the manufacturers who are party to the other agreement(s) with more expansive terms, in combination with the manufacturer parties to this Agreement, account for fifty percent or more of United States           handgun sales, manufacturer parties to this Agreement will agree to abide by the same design and distribution measures.
VIII. Enforcement.
The Agreement will be entered and is enforceable as a Court order and as a contract.

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