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Now, more than ever before, the information highway is reaching into millions of homes all across America. Everywhere a person goes (Anytown, USA) you can find a conversation taking place about the direction our nation is heading -- keeping it's sovereign status, or becoming a state under the governance of the United Nations.
We, at the Militia of Montana, are dedicated to ensuring that all Americans are educated to make an informed decision as to which direction America should go. Along with being physically prepared to withstand the onslaught which will erupt no matter where we end up, we must at all costs, keep reaching those who have not had the opportunity to decide for themselves.
The Militia of Montana has been, and continues to be, a national focal point for assistiing Americans in forming their own grass roots organization dedicated to American's sovereignty and status as an independent nation among the nations of the world.

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  • World Survival Institute Now on DVD

    - In memory of Chris Janowsky we at M.O.M. are proud to offer to you the proven knowledge of Chris Janowsky: Founder of  the World Survival Institute of Tok, Alaska. These series of video's/DVD's are from Chris' survival school and come from the standpoint of using common sense and are the BEST we have seen on these subjects.

    When Chris died, his wife, Susan, offered them to us and we jumped at the chance to be able to offer them to you at a special price. We had all 13 master video's put in DVD format for use on your computer and/or DVD player.

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  • PATRIOT CALENDAR OF EVENTS. Listings of meetings, expos, conferences, etc. for the whole country. Listed by state and updated frequently. Check back often. Boost your attendance by getting your meeting listed right away.
  • SPECIAL REPORTS. Contains special reports by the Militia of Montana.
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  • WHAT IS THE MILITIA? Learn the laws that govern the militia and how the militia has been used in the past to keep tyranny at bay.

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